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sqe sample material

SQE Sample Material

Get free practice questions and mock tests for the SQE1 & SQE2 exams

Check our course content before you sign up for the preparation course to understand the importance of signing up with an established training provider

SQE Sample Material

Get free practice questions and mock tests for the SQE1 & SQE2 exams

Check our course content before you sign up for the preparation course to understand the importance of signing up with an established training provider

sqe sample material

The SQE Syllabus

The SQE syllabus is comprehensive and covers legal areas which had been taught over several years in UK universities in the LLB degree or GDL, and during the Legal Practice Course (LPC), the previous vocational stage of the domestic route for qualification in England and Wales. In addition, the SQE assessments test your legal skills which can only be acquired through regular practice or substantial legal experience.

It has therefore taken us several years to design, develop and enhance, initially our QLTS course programmes, and then several more years to complete the necessary adjustments to our course materials to ensure they meet the SRA Specification and Kaplan requirements.

While we are not aiming to provide sample material for each and every aspect of the course, we do hope the SQE sample questions and material below will give you some basic idea as to what to expect when you sign up with us.

The course content can be accessed on your desktop, tablet, and mobile devices, from anywhere in the world.

Sample Material for SQE1

The Functioning Legal Knowledge (FLK) is the first part of the SQE assessments, also known as SQE1. The exam includes 360 questions in a multiple choice format which is divided into two exams of 180 questions each.

The sample materials include excerpts from the textbooks, multiple choice practice questions, digital flash cards, mock tests, SQE Video Library and revision notes.

18 SQE1 Textbooks

The study pack includes 18 textbooks with over 3,000 pages in total. The textbooks have been specifically written for the SQE and cover the entire SRA syllabus.

The textbooks are offered in a hard copy format and sent by a special courier to any destination in the world in days.

They are updated regularly to reflect any changes in the law

You can access a sample chapter from one of the textbooks.

sqe textbooks
sqe textbooks

SQE1 Digital Flash Cards

The SQE1 course includes access to 5,000+ digital flash cards with short questions and answers on each of the topics covered by the syllabus.

The flash cards are organised in accordance with the specific topics for each practice area assessed on SQE1 so you can focus only on the areas of difficulty and not rehash material you are already comfortable with.

The digital flash cards will help you master the technical elements which can easily be forgotten given the large volume of the content, and to reinforce your knowledge before you attempt the mock tests.

You can access a demo version of the resource with 100+ flash cards.

SQE1 Digital Flash Cards Blue

Revision Notes

To save your time and make your preparation experience smooth and hassle-free, we have prepared summaries of the key points and main legal principles on each subject so that you don’t have to.

The study pack includes over 500 pages of concise content, with timesaving layout and presentation so that you can quickly access and go through the key areas.

All notes are available online for convenience and ease of access.

sqe revision notes
sqe revision notes

Multiple Choice Practice Questions

The SQE question bank hosts over 2,500 multiple choice questions across all of the practice areas tested in the assessment.

The multiple choice questions deliberately cover a wide range of topics, reflecting the wide-ranging scope of legal knowledge required for each practice objective.

Each question contains a fact pattern, question and five possible answers. The answers also provide you with a detailed solution as to how the correct answer is arrived at and why the other answers are wrong.

sqe practice questions

SQE Video Library

The SQE Video Library contains 200+ video tutorials, spanning 60+ hours of lectures and providing a broad overview of the entire syllabus.

By breaking down certain topics and going into aspects of the SQE syllabus in more detail, the videos enhance your preparation and help you approach particular areas or legal concepts differently so as to solidify your understanding.

You can watch the videos anytime, on your computer, iPad, iPhone or Android devices.

Get access to a preview of the videos – the first two minutes of each video are at no cost.

sqe video library

Updates to the Course Materials

You will receive updates to the course materials any time the law changes or when the SRA revises the SQE Specification. This will save you valuable time and ensure you study the most up-to-date content, whenever you decide to sit the exam.

The updates will become available on our online training system in a PDF format so you can download and print them out.

You may access a sample update for the textbooks.

sqe course updates
sqe course updates

30 SQE1 Mock Tests

This is the most sought-after feature of our SQE1 course. The course includes access to 30 mock tests with 90 questions each, allowing you to test your progress and simulate real test questions with a time limit similar to the formal assessment.

The mock tests are available on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device, which allows maximum flexibility.

They are key elements to your success in the exam as they will help you master exam techniques and ensure you are well-familiar with its format, style, and structure.

There is no limit on the number of times you may take each mock test.

You can access two full mock tests with 90 questions each on FLK1 & FLK2.

Sample Material for SQE2

The Practical Legal Skills Asssessment is the second part of the SQE assessments, also known as SQE2. The SQE2 assessment is divided into two parts: SQE2 oral tests interviewing and advocacy skills, whilst SQE2 written tests your legal research, legal drafting, legal writing, and case and matter analysis skills.

SQE2 is a practical exam and involves, for example, simulations of solicitor/client interactions, file reviews and court-based scenarios. The six skills are assessed through simulated legal environments known as ‘stations’.

The SQE2 sample material includes summaries for the various practice areas, skills and practice area videos, digital flash cards, mock exams with suggested solutions for self-assessment, and a demo version plus a chapter from the accompanying electronic book of SQE Skills Online.

300 SQE2 Mock Exams

The 300 mock exams cover all the legal practice areas and skills assessed on the SQE2 assessment.

The mock exams provide an ample opportunity for you to deepen your legal knowledge and hone your practical skills. Points to note or proposed submissions for each mock enable you to understand what is required of you and identify areas of development during your preparation.

You can access six sample SQE2 mock exams with model answers:

  • Wills and Probate/Interviewing (executors and administration)
  • Dispute Resolution/Advocacy (application to set aside a default judgment)
  • Business Law/Legal Drafting (amending articles of association)
  • Criminal Litigation/Legal Writing (appeal on conviction)
  • Property Practice/Legal Research (sale of a property with retention of rights)
  • Business Law/Case and Matter Analysis
300 SQE2 Mock Exams

Practice Area Summaries

The practice area summaries discuss the essential elements of the law and practice areas, are summarised and divided into sections, and cover the main topics tested in the assessment.

The summaries are excellent for revision purposes and save you time and hard work in preparing your own notes. They offer all the information needed to enable you to work through the various practice areas with ease and refer back to them during mock and assessment preparation.

You will also receive free periodic updates for the summaries when the law changes.

sqe2 practice area summaries
sqe2 practice area summaries

Legal Skills Video Workshops

The legal skills video workshops include 100+ exclusive videos with role-play scenarios on interviewing, advocacy and oral presentation, including expert tutor’s commentary.

The video workshops also offer presentations delivered by a law tutor with extensive experience in practice on English legal writing and guidance on drafting commonly used documents, and legal research presentations which provide a detailed walkthrough and time-saving examples of how to conduct the research and prepare a written report to the client or supervising solicitor.

You can watch a sample video on Client Interviewing – How to Ask Questions, or a preview of all the videos.

Mock Practice Stations with Tutor Feedback

The SQE2 preparation course will offer you the opportunity to undertake online one-to-one mock stations in client interviewing and advocacy with an experienced tutor, who will provide you with feedback on your performance based on Kaplan and the SRA Marking and Moderation Policy.

The mock practice stations are designed to successfully prepare you for the practical assessment and are regarded by many of our former candidates as one of the most effective ways to genuinely assess your level of knowledge and professional skills before the assessment. The mocks are carried out on Skype, Facetime or GoToMeeting.

You can watch a sample mock station with tutor feedback on client interviewing.

SQE Video Library

The SQE Video Library contains 80+ video tutorials, spanning 20+ hours of lectures which cover the substantive and procedural law you will be assessed on in the SQE2 assessment.

The videos are broken down into smaller topics and cover various aspects of the syllabus in more detail. They will help you learn and digest the law much faster and solidify your understanding.

You can access the videos on your computer, iPad, iPhone or Android devices.

Get access to a preview of the videos – the first two minutes of each video are at no cost.

sqe video library

SQE Skills Online

SQE Skills Online includes 60+ interactive skill exercises, complemented by video and audio material and a 150-page accompanying textbook.

The resource covers legal writing and drafting, advocacy and oral presentation, interviewing and advising, case and matter analysis and legal research.

SQE Skills Online complements and builds on the existing course materials provided to you by QLTS School. You will also be given the chance to put the skills into practice in a realistic case study.

You may access an excerpt from the textbook and a demo version of the resource.

A preview of one of the videos in this resource is available below.

SQE2 Practice Questions

The SQE2 practice questions cover the legal practice areas; each question includes multiple exercises which are based on a single scenario/case study common to that practice area.

The questions are supported by a variety of documents and forms which you may see in the formal assessment, such as a letter of claim and particulars of claim; board and members’ resolutions; defence and witness statements; a bail application; wills, IHT forms, and probate applications; purchase deeds, a copy of the register and site plan, and purchase and sale contracts.

English Writing Tasks

The English writing tasks intended to ensure you can use appropriate, clear, precise and acceptable English.

The 15 writing tasks could be on procedural or administrative matters in which you produce a formal letter or email for a client and for a third party.

Each task includes an assignment, specimen letter and commentary to help you assess your performance.

The writing tasks should be completed before you attempt the mock exams for self-assessment.

Exam Technique Videos

These videos provide helpful strategies and suggestions for your final preparations in the run-up to the assessment day, and important tips for approaching the assessments themselves.

A preview of the first video in this useful resource which is delivered by one of our tutors is available here.

Getting Started

Since the introduction of the QLTS in 2011, we’ve trained thousands of foreign lawyers for the QLTS assessments, many of whom are now dual-qualified English solicitors. We have extensive knowledge and experience in preparing candidates for an assessment in a similar format to the SQE, and we are looking forward to assisting you to succeed in the assessments.

Let’s get started.

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