Who are QLTS?

We’re here to help you pass your SQE assessments

SQE is our sole focus. Our expert team creates bespoke resources to help you pass the SQE and qualify as a solicitor of England and Wales as quickly as possible.

Our story

Originally named QLTS School, our company was founded by a group of lawyers in 2011. In the same year, the QLTS qualification was introduced as the fast-track route for international lawyers to qualify as solicitors of England and Wales.

QLTS was a new type of in-depth assessment and aspiring solicitors from abroad needed help to prepare for it. That’s why our founders started the company: to help foreign lawyers prepare for and pass the QLTS.

Over the course of the subsequent 10 years, QLTS School became one of the market leaders in its field. We’ve helped thousands of foreign lawyers qualify as English solicitors, with many passing their QLTS exams on their first try.

Our history

In 2015, the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) announced its plan to introduce the Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE) as the new route to qualify as a solicitor in England and Wales. It would replace the QLTS as a centralised assessment for all aspiring English solicitors, regardless of their background.

Our management team worked closely with SRA to share our experience and knowledge during the development of the SQE. The assessment was introduced in 2021 and is predominantly based on the old QLTS, covering many of the same areas and skills, and featuring similar exam formats.

Over the preceding years, we worked to further hone our study materials to cater for the new SQE exam.

Since its introduction, given our extensive experience in this field, we have already helped a large number of candidates sit the first SQE exams and continue to support aspiring solicitors in their qualification journey.

Our name

When our company first started, we were called QLTS School. We’ve been helping aspiring solicitors qualify for years under that name so we didn’t want to lose it when the qualification was replaced. But it didn’t make sense to keep things exactly as they were.

We decided to shorten our name to ‘QLTS’. We’re staying connected to our history but are acknowledging the future at the same time.

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Our community

Our administrative and academic team is made up of highly experienced legal experts and tutors from around the world. They’ve supported thousands of aspiring solicitors so far and are looking forward to helping many more.

We also keep in touch with our alumni. Our LinkedIn group is full of 30,000+ past, existing and prospective candidates. Join your peers and chat about all things SQE.

What people say

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