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The courses that will help you pass your SQE1 assessments

Our courses provide everything you need for SQE1 success. With QLTS, save time, money, and stress, aiming to pass on your first try. Talk to one of our expert tutors to kickstart your learning journey and instantly access our 30 acclaimed SQE1 mock tests to be exam-ready without surprises.

We offer flexible payment options. Registration is quick and easy.

The courses that will help you pass your SQE1 assessments

Our courses provide everything you need for SQE1 success. With QLTS, save time, money, and stress, aiming to pass on your first try. Talk to one of our expert tutors to kickstart your learning journey and instantly access our 30 acclaimed SQE1 mock tests to be exam-ready without surprises.

We offer flexible payment options. Registration is quick and easy.

Choose the right course package for you.

SQE1 Basic
SQE1 Advantage
SQE1 Premium
Candidates with substantial legal experience, UK law graduates
Candidates who work full-time, paralegals, chartered legal executives, apprentices, foreign qualified lawyers in a common law jurisdiction
Candidates who wish to have a dedicated tutor, UK non-law graduates, foreign qualified lawyers in a civil law jurisdiction, non-UK law graduates
18 subject-specific textbooksThe textbooks weigh +3,000 pages, and are provided in a hard copy format and delivered by a special courier
2,500+ multiple choice practice questionsEach question has five possible answers and a detailed solution, covering all the practice areas tested on SQE1
Around 5,000 digital flash cardsShort questions and answers on each of the topics covered by the syllabus
SQE1 Course HandbookThe manual explains the fundamentals of the SQE assessments, structure of the course , suggested study guide and test administration procedures, protocols and policies
Periodic updates for the course materialsEven if you are not sure when you will be taking the assessment, you can still start your preparation right away and get updates to the course materials on a regular basis
Summary notes with the main legal concepts and key areasOver 500 pages which cover the major legal principles
An initial consultation with a tutorYou will have a call with a tutor to identify your knowledge, experience and how much time you may need to study
Access to the SQE Video LibraryOver 200 online tutorials with professional presentations, spanning 60+ hours of lectures, available to watch on your computer, iPad, iPhone or Android devices
A tailor-made study planThe tutor will create a personalised study plan for you, complete with a roadmap for how to get started and suggested milestone dates so you can keep your progress on track
2 hours of tutor supportOur tutors will answer any questions you may have about the material during your studies. The communication with the tutors will be made by email, Skype or a phone call
SQE1 mock tests (with 90 questions each)These are key to your success - test your progress and readiness by simulating real exams with intermingled questions and a time limit. There are 15 mock tests for FLK1 and 15 for FLK2.
(5 for FLK1, 5 for FLK2)
(15 for FLK1, 15 for FLK2)
(15 for FLK1, 15 for FLK2)
Delivery of the SQE1 textbooks is free within the UK (excluding the British Isles), £110 to Europe and the US and £140 to all other destinations. Delivery fees, where applicable, are payable in addition to the course fees. Your initial consultation with one of our expert tutor will take place a few days after your enrolment.

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I chose QLTS as they have significant experience in providing preparation courses for the QLTS exam, which they have been providing for well over 10 years.

Colin Hornby

UK Candidate

Trusted by thousands of candidates and the world`s top law firms who have used our QLTS preparation courses to achieve success

Here’s what our recent SQE candidates say about our preparation courses

Common Questions and Answers

What sets QLTS’s SQE1 preparation course apart from other training providers?

Our SQE1 preparation course features 30 mock tests, which are one of the most sought-after features in the SQE training market, leveraging over a decade of experience in this field. The mock tests will ensure you’re truly exam-ready and steer clear of any surprises on the exam day. Other providers may only offer you one or two SQE1 mock tests.

There is no set enrolment date for our SQE1 courses. You can join the course at any time throughout the year, offering you the flexibility to begin your preparation when it suits you best.

Will I have a tutor to guide me in the SQE1 course?

The SQE1 course packages provide various levels of tutor support. Each package includes an initial consultation with one of our expert tutors, who will assist you in customizing your preparation plan, taking into account your professional background, learning style, and available time.

How are the SQE1 mock tests structured?

Our 30 mock tests (with 90 questions each) are one of the most sought-after features of our course. They are based on our 10+ years of experience in preparing candidates for the QLTS, which has been the model for the SQE.

The mock tests include suggested answers for self-assessment, which cover all legal practice areas tested on the SQE1 assessment.

The mock tests are available in two formats:

  • Immediate feedback – the correct answer with an explanation is provided immediately after attempting a question.
  • Feedback on completion – no feedback will be provided during the test. Feedback with the correct answer in comparison to the answer selected and an explanation will be provided on completion of the test.

The content of the questions is identical in both formats. We have enabled the two formats so that you can decide whichever best suits your needs. In both formats, you will only have one opportunity to answer each question. Once you have completed a mock test, your score will be provided with a notification of whether or not you have passed.

Why should I take a preparation course for the SQE?

The SQE is the only route to qualify as a solicitor in England and Wales. The exam is designed to assess whether you have the legal knowledge and skills to practise as a solicitor. As a result, the syllabus is wide-ranging and the exams are demanding.

You can only take the SQE three times in six years so being prepared is key. Even if you’ve got all the requisite legal knowledge, you still need to understand how to pass the unique assessment. That’s why we recommend every candidate take a preparation course. Our courses will ensure you are fully prepared and help you pass on your first attempt.

What does QLTS have to do with SQE?

QLTS was the previous route to qualification in England and Wales for foreign lawyers. SQE replaced QLTS in September 2021 as the single route to qualify, simplifying the process and increasing opportunities for aspiring solicitors.

The SQE assessment is strongly based on the previous QLTS exams, so experience in preparing candidates for QLTS is key to helping you pass the SQE. The style, format and content of the two assessments are very similar. We’ve trained thousands of candidates for the QLTS for over a decade, which gives us deep insight and extensive experience in training methods to ensure your success in the SQE. That’s why we’re called QLTS.

What is the goal of the SQE1 mock tests?

The mock tests have three main goals:

  • Help familiarise you with the style, type and format of the assessment questions
  • Help you digest and understand the law
  • Provide practice of some questions that may come up in the formal assessment

We highly recommend that you attempt as many mock tests as possible before taking the SQE1 assessment. By doing so, you are giving yourself the best possible chance of success. There is no limit on the number of times you may attempt a mock test.

How long will it take me to get my SQE1 textbooks?

We’ll dispatch your textbooks within 2 working days of your enrollment into the course. Usually, they will be delivered 2-8 working days later, depending on where you are in the world. Delivery might take longer during holidays.

Can I buy my SQE1 textbooks from somewhere else?

Our textbooks are only available as part of our SQE course packages.

Reading through the textbooks will ensure you acquire the necessary knowledge of English law as required by the SRA, while attempting mock tests will help you be understand how to apply the law and be familiar with the exam style and format.

What’s available online as part of the SQE1 preparation course?

Almost all of our resources (excluding the textbooks) are digital. You’ll have access to summary notes, 5,000+ digital flashcards, 2,500+ multiple-choice practice questions, 200+ video tutorials, and 30 mock tests as part of your SQE1 prep course. All our course packages also include an initial consultation with a tutor to kickstart your learning journey.

Do I need to buy anything else to prepare for SQE1?

No, our courses cover everything you need to pass SQE1 with a high score.

Can I pay for the SQE1 course in my local currency?

Yes, all you need to do is change the currency before the checkout page. At the moment we accept USD, EURO, ARS, AUD, BRL, CAD, CNY, HKD, INR, JPY, NZD, RUB, SGD, TRY and ZAR.

Can I pay for the SQE1 course in instalments?

Yes. You can either pay in full or in 2 or 3 monthly and interest-free instalments. The first instalment is £890 plus shipping charges for destinations outside the UK. A £90 administration fee applies to all payment plans.

What’s the main reason people fail their SQE assessments?

Over the past ten years, the most common thing we see is candidates failing their QLTS because of a lack of preparation. Since the SQE exams were introduced in 2021, we’ve noticed that most candidates fail for the same reason. Not preparing enough means you’re less likely to understand what will happen during the assessments and can underestimate their difficulty.

How long is access to SQE Learning good for?

Access to the online training system covers the first two consecutive sittings of the SQE1 assessment administered by the assessment provider from the date of your registration to the course, or until the date on which you have passed the SQE1 assessment, whichever happens first. You will be provided with a unique username and password to login shortly after completing your application.

Starting from June 2023, we are pleased to offer extended course periods. If you wish to begin your SQE1 preparation ahead of time (which is highly recommended), you have the option to purchase your course in the same calendar month as, or the calendar month immediately preceding, a scheduled SQE1 assessment (for example, on or after 1 December or 1 June). By doing so, you will be granted an optional pre-prep period.

During this period, you will have limited access to SQE Learning until the conclusion of the nearest SQE1 assessment following the purchase of your course, but your course will cover three consecutive sittings rather than two sittings (or earlier if you have passed SQE1). To exercise the pre-prep period option, you must notify us by email within seven days of purchasing the course.

Can I sign up for an SQE1 preparation course at any time?

Yes, you can. We’ll publish any course material updates as and when they happen to ensure you are kept fully informed of any changes in the law or the SQE syllabus.

Do I need to meet any requirements or book the exam before signing up for a course?

No, you don’t need to comply with any requirements or to sign up for the exams to join our courses.

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