Setting up for SQE success

Preparation is key to getting the best result on your SQE assessments. We’ll help you make it simple.

What’s the best way to prepare for the SQE?

The SQE exams test a wide breadth of legal knowledge so the best way to succeed is to make sure you prepare as thoroughly as possible. Don’t worry, you don’t need to do it alone though. We’ve got a decade of experience helping candidates like you prepare for the QLTS (the predecessor to the SQE with similar content) and we’re here to help.

The resources you need to pass

We’ve got all the resources you need to pass your SQE first time. Our course content covers every subject you need to know, tailored to different learning styles, backgrounds and available study time. You can choose the course best suited to your legal background then pick the resources that work for you.

You’ll have textbooks, summary notes, digital flashcards, video tutorials, mock tests and more to rely on.

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Whether you’ve studied law, got no legal experience or have been practising abroad, we can help you pass your SQE exams.

Your learning journey

Your SQE preparation course could look something like this:

Your Learning Style Study Method Recommended Study Tools
Visual Using visual aids like flowcharts and mind maps Summary notes, flowcharts and summary diagrams
Auditory and verbal Listening to material and talking things through with a study partner Video lectures and/or reviewing the summary notes
Reading and writing Reading text and/or writing out notes Summary notes, making your own notes where appropriate, textbooks
Tactile (precipitable by touch) Practice Video lectures or summary notes for each topic, refer to the textbooks when necessary, flash cards, tutor support

Like many students, you may have a mix of learning styles so the best way to study is to try all the different materials until you find which work best for you.

Regardless of your learning style, you should use our summary notes and practice questions to guide your preparation before trying the SQE1/SQE2 mock exams in the final weeks before the assessment.

Why take a preparation course?

The SQE assessment determines whether you have the level of knowledge of a newly qualified solicitor in England and Wales. Because of this, you’ll need to meet rigorous criteria to pass. As you’ll only have three attempts to pass each element of the SQE over six years, failure could mean a big delay to your career.

Both parts of the SQE assess core legal competencies, analytical skills and practical knowledge under significant time pressure. You need to not only know the law and its application but also understand exam techniques that are specific to the SQE exams.

Our courses are tailored specifically to the SQE, created by tutors who know the requirements inside out and understand what it takes to pass. We’ll help you arrive at your exam centre feeling confident and well-prepared.

Unlock your SQE1 success: discover your learning style and tailor your study journey

Would you like to learn more about how we can customise your SQE1 preparation? Complete this short quiz to identify your learning style and receive your suggested SQE1 study guide. The study guide will provide you with a comprehensive roadmap, outlining the different components of our course, their usage, and guidance on how to personalise your preparation plan according to your professional background, learning style, and available time.

How long does it take to study for the SQE?

Everyone is different so the amount of time you’ll need to prepare will depend on your specific circumstances and knowledge.

Having said that, we’ve helped thousands of candidates get ready for the QLTS (the old exam for foreign lawyers on which the SQE is based) for over a decade, plus thousands more since the SQE came into force, so we know roughly how long the average student will need to prepare:

  • Give yourself 9-12 months to prepare for both SQE1 and SQE2.
  • Study for 15-20 hours a week for 5-6 months for SQE1.
  • Study for 15-20 hours per week for 3-4 months for SQE2.

You don’t have to follow this exactly. You could study for fewer hours each week but for a longer amount of time, or vice versa. But be prepared for a few months of hard work in the run-up to your assessments.

Hear from successful candidates

We know what it takes to pass the SQE. Since its introduction, we’ve already supported thousands of aspiring solicitors in their preparations to pass the SQE.

Our past candidates have been in your shoes and understand the journey to qualifying as a solicitor. They’ve shared their advice for anyone considering taking the SQE:

  • Don’t underestimate the exams. They cover a comprehensive syllabus so make sure you prepare as thoroughly as possible.
  • Start your prep as early as you can to give yourself plenty of time to study.
  • Do as many practice questions and mock exams as you can.
  • Use your tutor – they’ll give you invaluable feedback and help you identify areas you need to work on.

Ready to start your prep?

Our SQE courses are tailor-made to suit each candidate, offering flexibility not only in study requirements but also in time commitments. The courses are not strictly structured around a set number of weeks or days for attending lectures. This arrangement ensures that if you have a busy schedule, there’s no need to worry about missing a lesson.

There is no set enrolment date for our SQE courses, allowing you to start preparing anytime you want. You can study at times that are convenient for you, from a variety of locations – whether at home, in your office, in the UK, or elsewhere.

SQE1 Prep Courses

All the tools you need to succeed

The course includes summary notes, 18 textbooks, 200+ videos, 2,500+ practice questions, ~5,000 digital flash cards, and 30 mock tests.

SQE2 Prep Courses

Move forward with SQE2

The course includes practice areas summaries, 100+ video skills workshops, 300 mock exams and mock stations with personal tutor feedback.

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