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For more than a decade, we’ve helped thousands of candidates pass QLTS (the predecessor to SQE) and become solicitors in England and Wales. Since its introduction in September 2021, we’ve supported thousands of aspiring solicitors with their SQE preparations.

Hear from our recent SQE candidates to discover how QLTS could make your preparations easy.


Natalie Wilson

UK Candidate

"Having qualified as a solicitor in England and Wales made a massive difference in my legal career. QLTS was very helpful throughout the process. I would recommend anyone sitting the SQE to take a preparation course for both SQE1 and SQE2."
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Elias Cristante

Foreign Non-Law Candidate

"The reputation of QLTS among classmates and other people who have taken similar exams is very strong. Furthermore, the SQE itself is based on the QLTS exam in great detail. As a result, QLTS's materials just seem naturally to be a very good fit for me. I felt very well prepared for the exam, but that's because I had a great course provider with a lot of materials and I invested a lot of time going through those materials."
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Jazzmin Le Prevost

UK Candidate

"I’ve decided to take a preparation course because I wanted to give myself the best possible chance of passing the SQE exams. I chose QLTS because I'd looked around at various other providers and QLTS seemed to have the best availability in terms of mock exams, tutor support, and everything they could offer just to help me pass the exams."
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Colin Hornby

UK Candidate

"I chose QLTS as they have significant experience in providing preparation courses for the QLTS exam, which they have been providing for well over 10 years. So it was important for me to choose an organisation with an established reputation within the market, which QLTS had."
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Pearlynn Wang

Qualified Lawyer in Singapore

"QLTS is clearly experienced in providing preparation courses for the assessments. What I enjoyed the most was the incredibly useful and comprehensive mocks, as well as the suggested answers. Nothing prepares you better for the SQE than practising and practising again and again with the mocks provided by QLTS."
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David Levy

Qualified Lawyer in Australia

"The SQE is not only about learning the law and how to apply it, but also on how to perform under very specific and demanding exam conditions. QLTS delivered on both these fronts."
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Lara Kehinde Adepoju

Qualified in Nigeria

"I was well-prepared for the exam thanks to the materials from QLTS, and many questions in the formal exam seemed familiar. In contrast, others who used different providers expressed dissatisfaction and felt less equipped, often critiquing their trainers."
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Rajesh Midda

UK Candidate

"Once I looked around at various providers, I quickly realised that QLTS’s offering was going to be the one for me. Having spoken to a variety of people who were also studying at QLTS, they just told me great things about the QLTS and the accessibility of the online materials, access to tutors, and the course structure that's already in place that has helped facilitate excellent results for other students who have been at the QLTS."
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Adefunke Adeyeye

Qualified Lawyer in Nigeria

"I've spoken to people who've worked with QLTS who've succeeded in the exams and I liked their personal touch and the fact that they partner with you. I enjoyed studying with the QLTS school because the portal is self-explanatory and easy to understand."
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Faiz Khalil

Qualified Lawyer in Pakistan

"I conducted extensive research into the SQE pathway and most people I spoke to recommended the QLTS School because of the large number of mock tests that were offered as well as the professional quality of the content and the video library."
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