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Privacy Policy


All references to ‘our’, ‘us’, ‘we’ or ‘company’ within this policy and within the opt-in notice are deemed to refer to QLTS School Ltd., its subsidiaries and associates. QLTS is the Data Controller of all information you provide to us. Our contact details are at the bottom of this policy.

We endeavour to protect your personal privacy. We provide this privacy policy to help you to understand what we may do with any personal information that we obtain from you. By providing your personal details to us, you signify your acceptance of our privacy policy. If you do not agree to this policy, please do not provide your personal details to us. We will use your information for the purposes set out below. You will have an opportunity to unsubscribe whenever we communicate with you.

We may need to update this privacy policy from time to time. We recommend that you regularly check this page to ensure that you have read the most recent version.

What is personal information

Personal information is information about an identifiable individual, as defined by applicable law. It does not include aggregated information that does not allow you to be identified, nor does it include business contact information such as your title, business address and business phone number.

Collecting Personal Information

You can decide what personal information you provide to us. We will only collect personal information that you choose to provide. Where possible, we will enable you to select how we will use this information (for example, by choosing to opt-in or opt-out of receiving marketing information).

You may choose to provide us with personal information if, for example, you: contact us with an enquiry; register on the site, fill out a survey or other form with your personal information included; request us to provide you with information; enter a competition; post information to public areas of the site or take advantage of a promotion.

You have the opportunity to decide whether or not to receive communications from us at any point where we request information about you.

By providing any personal information to us, you fully understand and clearly consent to the transfer of such personal information to, and the collection and processing of such information in, other countries or territories. Any such transfer and processing by us will be in accordance with this privacy policy.

Use of Cookies

In common with many websites, we use ‘cookies’ to help us gather information from visitors to our site.

A cookie is a small data file that our server sends to your browser when you visit the site. The use of cookies helps us to assist your use of certain aspects of the site.

You can delete cookies at any time or you can set your browser to reject or disable cookies. If you do disable cookies some functions on the site may not work correctly.

You can see our full Cookies Notice here

Use of Information

We will use information collected from you in the following ways:

Keeping in Touch

We may use your personal information in order to communicate with you about our products and services and for research purposes. However, you will be able to choose whether or not to receive such communications when you first provide personal information to us. You will also have an opportunity to unsubscribe whenever we communicate with you. You may also unsubscribe from such communications at any time (see “Contact Us” below).


We may use information for internal analysis, for example, to assess trends amongst our consumers or to measure the amount of traffic to our websites. We may also share non-personal information with others, such as advertisers, in aggregate anonymous form, which means that the information will not contain any personally identifiable information about you. We may also share identifiable personal information with third parties to analyse the performance of our consumers in the assessments, but will only share identifiable personal information with other third parties for marketing analysis with your consent.

Transactional Purposes

We may use your personal information in order to respond to your queries and requests and to manage transactions such as credit card payments for any goods or services that you order from us or any of our agents, or for the fulfilment of such transactions (e.g. delivery of study packages). The personal information you provide may be used by an authorised vendor by us to fulfil that order.

Third Party Offers

We may arrange for carefully selected organisations to send you marketing and promotional information that may be of interest to you. In such circumstances your personal information may be disclosed to these organisations that will agree to be bound by confidentiality obligations and restrictions on use consistent with this privacy policy. We will obtain your permission before we send you any such communications.

Public (or Interactive) Areas of the Site

Information that you post on or through the public areas of the site (e.g., chat rooms, bulletin boards and discussion groups) are generally accessible to, and may be collected and used by, others and may result in unsolicited messages or other contact from others. Users of the site are encouraged to exercise caution when providing personal information about themselves in public (or interactive) areas of this site.

Social Media

We, and any of our employees or agents, may use personally identifiable information that you provide to us to communicate with you on social media channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc. You will have the option to decline or accept such communication with us.

Sale and Transfer

In the event of a sale, merger, consolidation, change in control, transfer of substantial assets, reorganisation or liquidation, we may transfer, sell, or assign to third parties information concerning your relationship with us, including without limitation, personally identifiable information that you provide and other information concerning your relationship with us.

Administration and Data Management

We may transfer your personal information to third parties under confidentiality obligations when the performance of any service in relation to the activities above is sub-contracted (e.g. the administration of a marketing campaign).

Legal Purposes

We may collect, use or disclose your personal information if permitted by law or required to do so by law or where we believe such action is necessary in order to protect or defend us or other third parties against error, negligence, breach of contract, theft, fraud and other illegal or harmful activity, to comply with our audit and security requirements, and to audit compliance with or corporate policies, procedures, legal and contractual obligations.

Disclosure of Personal Information

In addition to disclosures identified in the purposes above, from time to time we may disclose personal information to:

  • Our service providers and subcontractors, including our affiliates, retained to perform functions on our behalf or to provide services to us, such as warehousing and delivery; tutors; marketing and advertising; data processing; software development; website hosting and management; information technology and office services; legal, accounting, audit and other professional service providers; and further provided such service provider does not collect, use or disclose the personal information for any purpose other than to perform such functions or to provide services to us or as otherwise required by law;
  • Person or entity, including our affiliates, to whom disclosure is required in order to fulfill one or more of the purposes described above under purposes set out above;
  • A person who, in our reasonable judgment, is providing or seeking the information as the authorised or appointed legal agent of the subject individual; or
  • Any third party with your consent or where disclosure is required or permitted by law.

Your acceptance of this privacy policy, constitutes the granting of consent to the use and disclosure of your personal information for the purposes set out above.

By providing any personal information to us, you fully understand and clearly consent to the transfer of such personal information to, and the collection and processing of such information in, any countries or territories. Any such transfer and processing by us will be in accordance with this privacy policy and in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.


We take security seriously and we take precautions to keep your personal information secure. We have put in place appropriate physical, electronic and managerial procedures to safeguard the information we collect. However, due to the open communication nature of the Internet, we cannot guarantee that communications between you and us, or information stored on our servers, will be free from unauthorised access by third parties.

Your Rights

Under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) you have the right to access personal information that we process about you.

You can request from us information about:

  • The personal data we hold about you;
  • The categories of personal data concerned;
  • The purposes of the processing as per collected data;
  • Details to whom your personal data has/will be disclosed or criteria for disclosure;
  • How long we retain your personal data; and
  • If we did not collect the data directly from you, information about the source.

You may also request from us the following:

  • That we update any incomplete or inaccurate data about you;
  • That we provide your data in a portable way; and
  • That we delete your personal data in accordance with GDPR.

We only hold your accurate, complete and up-to-date personal information, therefore we strongly encourage you to contact us for correcting our incomplete or inaccurate data about you.

You may request we action your rights by contacting us at QLTS School (Data Protection Team), Suite # 704, 6 The Broadway, Mill Hill, London NW7 3LL, UK, or by emailing us at privacy@qlts.co.uk.

To ensure your data is protected, if we receive a request from you to exercise your rights, we will ask you to verify your identity before acting on the request.

We regularly review all data supplied and obtained data so to delete which is not necessary or which is no longer needed.

How Long and Where We Retain Your Data

We only retain your accurate, complete and up to date personal information for as long as is necessary. For further details on our data retention periods please contact us.

Where you have consented to us to use your details for direct marketing, we will keep this data until you notify us or otherwise withdraw your consent.

We are a global company and we process information in many countries, therefore your personal information may be transferred to our third party providers in any country in which they operate. We will take steps to ensure the highest level of protection for these transfers and be in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

Contact Us
If you would like to unsubscribe from QLTS School Ltd., its subsidiaries and associates communications or from all communications about affiliated brands, or if you have any privacy-related questions, concerns or complaints, please contact us via the details listed below.

QLTS School (data protection team: privacy@qlts.co.uk)
Suite # 704, 6 The Broadway, Mill Hill, London NW7 3LL UK
Tel: + 44 (0) 207 117 6077
Fax: + 44 (0) 207 900 2935
Email: info@qlts.co.uk

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