SQE training for law firms

Essential SQE1 practice for law firm trainees: QLTS’s 30 mock tests suite

Navigating the SQE1: computer-based testing with real-world simulation

QLTS brings to the forefront a comprehensive training approach for the SQE1, understanding that success in this exam extends beyond legal knowledge and lawyering skills. Our 30 mock tests are uniquely tailored to address the challenges of a computer-based exam, while also training candidates to manage the intense time constraints.

We also offer an SQE2 mock exams solution. Scroll down to learn more.

The challenges of SQE1

The SQE1 exam is not just about legal proficiency; it’s a challenging, computer-based test that requires endurance, focus, and adaptability.

With traditional pass rates often in the low 50s, the exam is highly competitive, assessing candidates against one another in a standardised format.

Candidates face the daunting task of answering multiple choice questions with an average time limit of just 1 minute and 42 seconds per question, all while navigating over 10 hours of examination on a computer. It requires sustained focus, sharp concentration, and mental fortitude.

This combination of a high-pressure environment and strict time constraints makes it crucial for trainees to be well-prepared, excel and outperform their peers in order to pass.

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Our legacy in legal training

With decades of experience in legal education, QLTS’s mock tests are specifically designed to simulate the real SQE1, including its computer-based nature and time restrictions.

Our acclaimed 30 mock tests are a highly sought-after feature in the SQE training market. This resource will ensure that your trainees are thoroughly prepared and confident heading into the exam.

Key features of our law firm training package

Exclusive 30 SQE1 mock test suite

Comprising 30 high-quality, computer-based mock tests, our suite provides a realistic practice environment for the SQE1. The package includes 15 on FLK1 and 15 on FLK2, each with 90 questions.

These tests not only prepare candidates in legal knowledge but also in answering complex questions swiftly and accurately under exam conditions.

Tailored for exam success

Our packages are customised to ensure that your trainees are not just learning the law, but also mastering the skills to navigate a computer-based exam efficiently.

We focus on developing the stamina and concentration needed to maintain peak performance throughout the lengthy digital exam.

30 mock tests for SQE1

Why QLTS stands out

  • Tried and tested mock tests: our mock tests are the result of our long-term experience in both the QLTS and SQE, honed and refined to provide the most effective training possible.
  • Instrumental to success: trainees from top law firms have described our mock tests as ‘saviour-like’, essential for building the confidence and skills needed to excel.
  • Highly recommended: these same trainees unequivocally recommend our mock tests as an essential component of SQE1 preparation, underlining their effectiveness and impact.
  • Navigating a competitive landscape: with traditional SQE pass rates often in the low 50s and the exam’s nature as a standardised test comparing candidates against each other, it’s essential to arm your trainees with the best tools for success. Our mock tests significantly increase the chances of passing by providing thorough, realistic practice, setting them apart in this competitive environment.

Complementing existing training programmes

We understand many law firms already work with law schools to prepare their trainees for practice and to develop their legal skills. Our service complements these courses, focusing on rigorous mock exam practice to ensure first-time success in the SQE1.

This strategic addition saves costs related to exam retakes and additional preparation, accelerates career progression for trainees, and increases the firm’s efficiency by enabling trainees to qualify and bill sooner.

Investing in QLTS School’s mock tests, with our nearly 15 years of experience, is a strategic decision that benefits both your trainees and your firm’s bottom line.

Exclusive offer for your firm

Experience the depth and quality of our SQE1 preparation with complimentary mock tests and see firsthand why our suite of 30 mock tests is essential for comprehensive SQE1 success.

Join the ranks of leading law firms that have already chosen QLTS’s SQE1 mock tests for the January 2024 exams.

For more information on how we can tailor a training solution to your firm’s specific needs, please get in touch at info@qlts.co.uk or call us on +44 (0) 207 117 6077.

Partner with us to set your trainees on the path to SQE success, ensuring they are not just prepared for practice, but primed to excel in their SQE exams.

Enhancing SQE2 preparation with our 300 mock exams

In addition to our acclaimed 30 SQE1 mock tests, we are excited to introduce a comprehensive suite of 300 SQE2 mock exams tailored for law firms seeking to provide their trainees with unparalleled preparation for the SQE2.

Understanding the intricacies and the practical nature of the SQE2, our mock exams are designed to not only cover the full breadth of the syllabus but also to hone the practical skills required for success.

The SQE2 is renowned for its focus on practical legal skills across various practice areas. To navigate this effectively, candidates must be adept at applying their knowledge in simulated real-world scenarios.

Our 300 SQE2 mock exams are crafted to mirror the structure and complexity of the actual exam, providing an authentic practice experience.

300 mock exams for SQE2

Each mock exam is meticulously designed to simulate real-world legal scenarios, covering all legal practice areas and skills assessed in the SQE2. Unlike other providers who may offer a limited selection of practice exams, our suite ensures extensive coverage across all potential topics and skills.

Unique offer for your firm

Check out our SQE2 matrix for a detailed breakdown of the topics covered by each practice area and the skills assessed in SQE2.

Try our free SQE2 sample mock exams now to simulate a real exam environment on our testing platform.

For more information about how we can offer your candidates access to our 300 SQE2 mock exams, please get in touch at info@qlts.co.uk or call us on +44 (0) 207 117 6077.

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