Thousands of lawyers from over 60 countries and the world’s top law firms have utilised QLTS School training courses to pass the assessments on their first attempt.

What is the Qualified Lawyers Transfer Scheme (QLTS)?

If you’re a qualified lawyer, the QLTS offers you an excellent opportunity to advance your legal career and obtain the most prestigious title in the legal profession, an English solicitor, in just a few months. There is no experience or training requirement and only two assessments to complete.

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We’ll help you pass the QLTS whether you’re qualified in a common law or civil law jurisdiction, have little or extensive legal experience, English is your first or second language, and if you work full-time or part-time.

Get Started with the MCT Preparation Course

11 comprehensive textbooks, a video library with more than 80 tutorials, over 1,000 multiple choice practice questions, revision notes, 15 mock tests and extensive tutor support.

Have You Already Passed the MCT? Move Forward with the OSCE

125 mock exams with model answers, video skills workshops, online resources, practice areas summaries and mock practice stations with personal tutor feedback.

Value Course Packages for the MCT and OSCE Assessments

We offer several course packages for each part of the QLTS assessments, so you can choose the best offering that meets your needs, and that is within your budget.


We have helped thousands of lawyers pass the QLTS since 2010, and

look forward to offering you our valuable insight on how to succeed in the assessments.


pages delivered in hard copy textbooks plus thousands of practice questions


our candidates’ pass rate is about double the rate—or more—compared to other candidates

3 out of 4

candidates who pass the MCT, study with QLTS School.*


of our candidates pass on the first attempt

*Data verified by ICF International (NASDAQ:ICFI), an independent, third-party research firm.

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