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The courses that will help you pass your SQE2 assessments

Our courses include all the resources and the tutor support you need to prepare for and pass your SQE2 assessment. Choosing QLTS will save you time, money and stress as we’ll prepare you to pass SQE2 on your first attempt. Instantly access our 300 acclaimed SQE2 mock exams and talk to your tutor to be exam-ready without surprises.

We offer flexible funding options for all our courses. Registration is quick and easy. 

The courses that will help you pass your SQE2 assessments

Our courses include all the resources you need to prepare for and pass your SQE2 assessment. Choosing QLTS will save you time, money and stress as we’ll prepare you to pass SQE2 on your first attempt.

Instantly access our 300 acclaimed SQE2 mock exams and talk to your tutor to be exam-ready without surprises.

We offer flexible funding options for all our courses.

Choose the right course package for you.

SQE2 Basic Course
SQE2 Advantage Course
SQE2 Premium Course
SQE2 Course GuideThe manual includes suggested study guide and also covers the structure, methodology and marking criteria , test administration procedures, protocols and policies
Practice area summariesThe SQE2 summaries include 400+ pages which provide the essential elements of the law and practice areas tested on SQE2
Periodic updates for the course materialsEven if you are not sure when you will be taking the assessment, you can still start your preparation right away and get updates to the course materials on a regular basis
Digital flash cardsThe flash cards cover the practice areas to help you reinforce your legal knowledge and understanding of the main legal principles
Access to the SQE Video LibraryOver 100 online tutorials with professional presentations, spanning 20+ hours of lectures, which over the substantive and procedural law
SQE2 practice questionsEach question includes multiple exercises which are based on a single scenario/case study common to that practice area
15 English writing tasksThe purpose of the tasks is to help you improve your English writing skills and demonstrate that you are able to use appropriate, clear, precise and acceptable English
Access to SQE Skills OnlineThis feature includes more than 60 interactive exercises covering all of the five skills, complemented by video and audio material and a 150-page accompanying textbook viewable online, ensuring that you are familiar with the various skills
Access to the 100+ Legal Skills Video WorkshopsThis innovative feature contains a suite of more than 100 video workshops, spanning nearly 20 hours in total, and summaries with key points
Initial guidance and a tailor-made study planYou will have a consultation with a tutor following which you will receive a tailor-made study plan designed specifically to meet your personal needs and requirements
Mock practice stations with personal tutor feedbackThe mock stations will be conducted via Teams or Skype and be personally marked by one of our tutors, who will provide you with feedback based on the SRA marking criteria
2 mock stations
(interviewing and advocacy)
6 mock stations
(interviewing and advocacy)
Mock exams with suggested solutions for self-assessmentThese are key to your success in the assessment - the mock exams with mode answers cover all legal practice areas and skills tested on the SQE2 assessment, and will provide ample opportunity for you to deepen your legal knowledge and hone your practical s
SQE2 material will become available online shortly after completing your application.

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I chose QLTS because I'd looked around at various other providers and QLTS seemed to have the best availability in terms of mock exams, tutor support, and everything else.

Jazzmin Le Prevost

UK Candidate

Trusted by thousands of candidates and the world`s top law firms who have used our QLTS preparation courses to achieve success

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Common Questions and Answers

What distinguishes QLTS’s SQE2 preparation course from other training providers?

When researching your training options for SQE2, we recommend considering several factors that distinguish QLTS’s SQE2 preparation course from other providers:

  • Our preparation course offers a comprehensive suite of resources, built on over a decade of experience in the field and having trained thousands of candidates for the QLTS and SQE.
  • Our course provides you with mock practice stations featuring live and online feedback from tutors. These sessions are scheduled at times that suit you best, offering flexibility that you won’t find with other providers who may have fixed schedules or operate on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • The course is designed to be flexible, not tied to a set number of weeks or days, so it fits into your busy life without the worry of falling behind.
  • You will have access to 300 mock exams with suggested answers, ensuring you are thoroughly prepared for a wide array of possible questions on the SQE2 exam. Other providers might offer only a limited number of mock exams, potentially lacking comprehensive coverage of the topics that could be assessed.
  • You’ll have the chance to undertake SQE2 mock exams on our specially designed platform, which replicates the functionality of the SQE2 exam on Pearson VUE for written assessments, providing you with an authentic exam experience, currently not offered by other providers
  • You can start the course at any point in the year. During your initial consultation, your tutor will help you determine the most suitable time for you to take your exams. The course is planned around Kaplan’s SQE2 exam dates, which are offered four times a year, giving you the ability to choose how long you spend preparing. With other providers, you may need to commit to a rigid exam date.
  • You have the option to defer your exam if necessary and maintain access to the course for its entire validity period, with no obligation to complete a certain percentage of the course, even if you need to retake the exam. Other providers may offer less flexibility and set conditions to defer your course.

Why should I take a preparation course for SQE2?

We can’t overemphasise the importance of choosing a proven, focused and established training provider when it comes to a practical assessment such as the SQE2 assessments. At the time we were delivering QLTS courses, we were often approached by candidates who signed up with other providers’ programmes and were either unhappy with the materials received or even failed the assessment.

In other cases, candidates who failed on their first attempt may not have taken a course at all (or just bought some textbooks in a legal bookshop), believing that a structured and dedicated preparation course was either unnecessary or too expensive.

Simply reading textbooks is not going to prepare you for the SQE2 assessment. Preparation for the practical legal skills assessment consists of several stages: (i) understanding the style, format and procedures of the assessment (ii) studying the substantive and procedural law (iii) learning and understanding the six skills (iv) developing and practising your legal skills (v) undertaking mock practice stations with personal tutor feedback (SQE2 Advantage or Premium Courses).

Sitting the SQE2 assessment without a preparation course or signing up with a training provider which lacks the benefit of knowledge, experience and a proven track record of successful candidates may cost you thousands of pounds in the long run in retakes. It could also delay the progress of your legal career. A one-off investment in thorough preparation for the SQE2 assessment will spare you no end of stress, hassle and lack of confidence and certainty.

What is available online for the SQE2 preparation course?

The SQE2 practice area summaries, 300 mock exams with suggested solutions for self-assessment guides, practice questions, 2,000+ digital flash cards, SQE Video Library, 15 English writing tasks, Legal Skills Video Workshops, and SQE Skills Online, are all available on SQE Learning, our proprietary online training system. You will be provided with a username and password to log in following your enrolment to our SQE2 preparation course.

How are the SQE2 mock exams structured?

Our 300 mock exams include model answers for self-assessment, which cover all legal practice areas and skills tested on the SQE2 assessment – check the SQE2 matrix for more information. You can use the mock exams to deepen your legal knowledge and hone your practical skills. The scenarios cover a wide range of the SQE2 Assessment Specification, with supporting documents to many of the questions, such as shareholders’ agreements, statements of claim, wills, lease extracts and defences. The interviewing skill exercises include instructions for both interviewer and interviewee to enable role-play for a more realistic assessment environment, together with scripts which simulate a real interview and advocacy submission.

What does QLTS have to do with SQE?

QLTS was the previous route to qualification in England and Wales for foreign lawyers. SQE replaced QLTS in September 2021 as the single route to qualify, simplifying the process and increasing opportunities for aspiring solicitors.

The SQE assessment is strongly based on the previous QLTS exams, so experience in preparing candidates for QLTS is key to helping you pass the SQE. The style, format and content of the two assessments are very similar. We’ve trained thousands of candidates for the QLTS for over a decade, which gives us deep insight and extensive experience in training methods to ensure your success in the SQE. That’s why we’re called QLTS.

Who will be my tutor for SQE2?

Our tutors are all experienced legal professionals. Your tutor for SQE2 practice stations will be a qualified solicitor or barrister, senior university law lecturer, LPC tutor, or legal skills trainer.

How do mock practice stations work if I’m in a different time zone?

Your practice stations will happen over the course of a few weeks, usually over Zoom or similar. You can agree on timings with your tutor.

Do I need to buy anything else to prepare for SQE2?

No, our courses cover everything you need to pass SQE2 with a high score.

Can I pay for the SQE2 course in my local currency?

Yes, all you need to do is change the currency before the checkout page. At the moment we accept USD, EURO, ARS, AUD, BRL, CAD, CNY, HKD, INR, JPY, NZD, RUB, SGD, TRY and ZAR.

Can I pay for the SQE2 course in instalments?

Yes. You can either pay in full or in 2 or 3 monthly and interest-free instalments. The first instalment is £890. A £90 administration fee applies to all payment plans.

What is the main reason candidates fail the SQE2 assessments?

We’ve been helping candidates prepare for the SQE and its predecessor, the QLTS, for a decade. During this time we’ve seen that most candidates fail their practical legal skills assessments because they didn’t fully understand the SRA requirements. Some also underestimated the difficulty of the assessment.

The scope of the syllabus of SQE2 is comprehensive. Unless you’re a very experienced legal professional, well-versed in English law, you need to spend time preparing for the assessment.

The SRA has designed the SQE2 assessment so that you must develop and demonstrate the necessary skills, knowledge and ability to apply the law in the right way to meet their stringent criteria. If you don’t, you’re not likely to pass the assessment.

How long is access to SQE Learning good for?

Access to the online training system covers the first four consecutive sittings of the SQE2 assessment offered by the assessment provider from the date of your registration to the course, or until the date on which you have passed the SQE2 assessment, whichever happens first. You will be provided with a unique username and password to login shortly after completing your application.

Can I sign up for an SQE2 preparation course at any time?

Yes, you can. We’ll publish any course material updates as and when they happen to ensure you are kept fully informed of any changes in the law or the SQE syllabus.

Do I need to meet any requirements or book the exam before signing up for a course?

No, you don’t need to comply with any requirements or to sign up for the exams to join our courses. However, you’ll need to pass SQE1 before you can register with Kaplan for SQE2, unless you are exempt from SQE1.

How can I learn more about the SQE2 structure and format?

Our SQE2 Toolkit can help. This comprehensive document will help you understand how and what you’ll be assessed on, what you need to know for the exams, how to prepare, and how to pass the SQE2 assessment on your first attempt.

Will I also get access to SQE1 course content?

The questions in the practice areas assessed in SQE2 may draw on underlying black letter law in the Functioning Legal Knowledge (FLK), that candidates have studied in SQE1 or the LPC. You will therefore have access to select SQE1 content that is pertinent to SQE2, encompassing both substantive and procedural law tested in SQE2.

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