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Tax Rates on the February 2016 MCT Assessment

According to Kaplan’s instructions, in the February 2016 MCT assessment, a Day One Solicitor would be expected to know something about the taxation rules for both the 2014/15 and 2015/16 tax years. Hence, Kaplan do not limit their testing of taxation issues to a single tax year for the QLTS assessments. Our practice questions and 15 mock exams reflect these guidelines.

As regards how much of the taxation system candidates should commit to memory, Kaplan would expect a Day One solicitor to be able to remember certain thresholds and rates of tax, and to be aware of the availability of certain reliefs and exemptions, where these have been part of the UK tax system for a long period. However, as you should be aware, within the UK tax system many rates and thresholds and some exemptions and reliefs are subject to adjustment, introduction or removal by successive Budgets, and for those, Kaplan would normally provide the figures required to work out an answer to any tax calculation.

Also, new updates are now available for our candidates – these cover areas which may be tested on the upcoming MCT next month. Make sure to login to your account and download the updates as soon as possible. Check our MCT course packages if you’re not signed up yet for the course. 

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