SQE2 client interview practice with a real actor

Master your client interview skills and boost your chances of success in the practical assessment

The client interview can often prove to be one of the most challenging parts of the SQE2 assessment. A high-level of experience, practice, and familiarity with the client interview process is essential for success.

Many people struggle to prepare for the client interview process in isolation. Without working with an experienced person to play the role of the client, it can be difficult to replicate the client interview in a realistic exam-like setting.

Alister Austin is an experienced corporate actor and communications specialist with a focus on running realistic client interview scenarios.

As a professional actor and voiceover artist, Alister has contributed to the development of QLTS School’s client interview course content, as well as performed in mock video examples of the client interview and advocacy/oral presentation.

Alister has built a reputation for bringing out the best in individuals, as evidenced by his extensive client list and experience in running business and skills-focused roleplay scenarios with executive members of some of London’s biggest companies.

There is no substitute for experience and practice when looking to ensure a superior performance across all five points of the SQE2’s marking criteria for the client interview:

  • Listening and questioning
  • Language and explanation
  • Professional manner
  • Client-focused
  • Builds trust and confidence

An assessor who has been trained in playing the role of the client will assess your performance during the interview. This assessor will mark your performance purely on skills, not on the law. The practice will not include submission or marking of an attendance notes.

Mock client interviews with Alister can help refine your skills and greatly grow your confidence within this part of the SQE2 exam.

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Ii) This is a third party service and not monitored or supervised by QLTS School.

(ii) Practice sessions are one-on-one via Skype (webcam and microphone required).

(iii) Sessions are 45 minutes and the fee is £75 per session

(iv) Spaces are limited. We cannot guarantee that by submitting this expression of interest form, that your space is guaranteed.

(v) Your submission of the form does not commit you, QLTS School, or Alister Austin, in any way whatsoever. Further booking and payment in advance will be required to secure your place.

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