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sqe funding

SQE Funding

Learn more about our flexible payment plans and other options to fund your SQE preparation

SQE Funding

Learn more about our flexible payment plans and other options to fund your SQE preparation

Pay by up to three monthly and interest-free instalments

sqe funding

Funding your SQE preparation course

Funding your SQE preparation and assessment is inevitably one of the major factors you will need to consider when embarking on the SQE journey.

Studying for the SQE exams, working full-time and maintaining commitments outside work is a big ask in terms of discipline and time management. The financial cost is also significant, taking into account study materials, assessment fees and travel and logistics costs.

QLTS School believes that no student should delay their career progress and goals to becoming an English solicitor for financial reasons. We offer affordable course packages for SQE1 and SQE2, so you can benefit from both high-quality training flexible payment method that is within your budget.

You can pay for the SQE preparation courses either in full, through our flexible instalment options, or with the assistance of private student loan companies.

We have also compiled a list of other ways you could fund your SQE journey. Whether this list is useful depends, of course, on each candidate’s situation.

Instalment plan

While our course fees are competitively priced, we also offer you flexible payments options to help you fund your SQE preparation:

  • Up to three monthly instalments
  • Interest-free and immediately available to all candidates (no pre-approval required)
  • £90 administration fee applies to all plans

When you apply online, you will have the option to select the number of instalments at the checkout page before you make payment for the course. You may either pay the course fees in full or the administration fee and first instalment amount.

The balance of the course fees will be automatically and without further notification charged within 30 or 60 days following your initial payment through your debit or credit card.

SQE course fees and payment options for both SQE1 and SQE2

We offer the following payment plan options to help you fund your SQE studies. You will have the opportunity to select your payment plan at the checkout page before submitting your application.

Course PackageFeeNumber of Instalments First Instalment (at the Time of Enrolment)Second Instalment (30 Days After Enrolment)Third Instalment (60 Days After Enrolment)
SQE Basic£1,6902£90 admin fee + £890£800N/A
SQE Basic£1,6903£90 admin fee + £890£400£400
SQE Advantage£2,1902£90 admin fee + £890£1,300N/A
SQE Advantage£2,1903£90 admin fee + £890£650£650
SQE Premium£2,6902£90 admin fee + £890£1,800N/A
SQE Premium£2,6903£90 admin fee + £890£900£900

* An administration fee of £90 applies to each payment plan and will be added to the first instalment.

* Shipping charges, if applicable, will be added to the first payment.

* The last payment of the course fee must be paid in full no more than 60 days prior to the examination date. The instalment options will therefore be adjusted accordingly as exam dates get closer.

Lendwise – a private student loan provider

QLTS School has established a partnership with Lendwise to help you fund your SQE1 and SQE2 preparation course fees.

Lendwise is a student loan provider through which UK residents can fund their postgraduate and professional qualification studies at leading UK educational institutions.

A Lendwise loan comes with a fixed interest rate for the duration of the loan and no early repayment penalties. The interest rate offered will depend on the overall applicant profile and the application process is entirely online.

The application process may take a few days, following which Lendwise will inform you whether you have been pre-approved for an SQE preparation course loan. You will then be asked to provide several documents to complete the process of the approval of your loan. Your SQE Course fees will then be funded directly to QLTS School.

Please contact Lendwise to apply for your SQE loan.

Employers sponsorship

Many employers may support their employees and fund their SQE preparation courses and the assessments themselves, or both. The primary reason for this is as the English solicitor qualification may enhance the employer’s skillset and add value to the business.

Such sponsorship may be on a case-by-case basis, or part of a broader firm policy that may support SQE funding. You may wish to check internally or at your future firm as to your own employers’ position and whether they are amenable to a persuasive business case for sponsorship if not.

A common condition we have encountered when preparing candidates for the QLTS exam is that the employer will only sponsor one attempt at each assessment; if the candidate fails the first time, they have to pay for further attempts themselves.

This is likely to be the approach towards the SQE funding too, and a good incentive to prepare well and well in advance so that you can pass the SQE assessments on the first attempt!

Equally important, employers who fund the SQE course are often prepared to grant study leave as a concomitant part of this support, as well as potentially allowing for a protected time during the working day to study.

We strongly recommend candidates take two weeks’ leave prior to attempting each of the stages of the SQE.

We support the Diversity Access Scheme of the Law Society

The Diversity Access Scheme (DAS) is a scholarship supported by the Law Society which offers 10 funding awards for talented and tenacious aspiring solicitors from disadvantaged backgrounds.

We offer sponsorship by way of a full fee waiver to one awardee annually for our SQE1 and SQE2 preparation courses.

For more information, visit the Law Society’s Diversity Access Scheme webpage.

Law Society Diversity

Getting started

QLTS School has the knowledge and experience to prepare you for the SQE exams so you could pass on your first attempt. Our SQE courses are based on hard copy textbooks, video lectures, practice questions, digital flash cards, tutor support, and extensive online resources.

If you follow our study plan and use all the tools available to you in the course, you will be well-prepared for the SQE assessments and increase your chances of passing them on your first attempt.

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