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sqe course overview

SQE Preparation Courses

We will help you pass the Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE) and become a solicitor of England and Wales

QLTS School offers you comprehensive, affordable, and flexible courses to prepare for the SQE exams

SQE Preparation Courses

We will help you pass the Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE) and become a solicitor of England and Wales

QLTS School offers you comprehensive, affordable, and flexible courses to prepare for the SQE exams

sqe course overview

The QLTS School advantage – focus and expertise, giving you peace of mind and confidence

Since 2011, we have prepared individual lawyers and candidates from the world’s top law firms for the Qualified Lawyers Transfer Scheme (QLTS) exams – which have been the model for the development of the SQE.

While there are differences between the structure and syllabus of the SQE and QLTS, the style and operation of these two assessments are very similar, which gives us deep insight as to the innovative training methods aimed towards this type of assessment.

The QLTS is the previous route for foreign lawyers seeking admission as English solicitors, while the SQE is the new exam that is taken from 2021 by all aspiring solicitors, whether domestic or foreign.

Both the QLTS and SQE include a multiple choice test and a practical legal skills examination. These assess the competence of candidates to practise at the level of a newly qualified solicitor.

We have harnessed this extensive knowledge and experience to develop preparation courses aimed exclusively at the SQE, which is our only focus. Our courses reflect the SRA’s Assessment Specification, which means you are equipped with everything you need to pass the SQE exams, without requiring any additional material.

You need an SQE training provider to focus on your studies—not on what to study

The SQE assessment provider, Kaplan (which also administers the QLTS assessments), is not authorised by the SRA to provide preparation courses for the SQE exams.

The scope of the material, however, is comprehensive and covers nearly the entire corpus of English law. In fact, you can spend days just trying to understand what is covered by the syllabus. In addition, current law degrees are not designed to prepare students for the SQE1 and SQE2 exams, which assess practical knowledge and skills.

The cost of sitting the SQE exams runs into thousands of pounds, with a limited number of attempts permitted per test.

It is, therefore, essential that you prepare for the SQE with an established training provider that understands how the exam works and will provide you with the right guidance and advice from day one.

Preparing with QLTS School will help you focus on your studies, build your confidence, and save you the time, money, and effort of trying to compile your own study materials and plan.

Our structured study programme will ensure that you focus on your studies – not on what to study.

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Flexibility that fits your schedule

QLTS School’s preparation courses for the SQE exams have been designed and developed in accordance with the SRA requirements, are tailor-made to suit each candidate, and are completely flexible in study and time requirements.

This means that you can start preparing anytime you want and study at times that are convenient for you, from a variety of locations – whether at home or in your office, in the UK or elsewhere.

Our SQE materials are suitable for candidates from a wide range of different backgrounds and varying levels of legal knowledge and experience in English law.

You could be a recent law graduate or non-law graduate, a paralegal, a chartered legal executive, an apprentice, or a foreign qualified lawyer in either common law or civil law jurisdiction, and English may be your first or second language.

You could be working full-time or part-time and have your job/clients/family to take care of: whatever your circumstances are, you can be sure of expert support, quality training, and the flexibility to tailor your training requirements so that you can prepare for and succeed at passing the SQE exams on your own terms.

Our edge—affordability without compromising on quality

We can offer you competitively-priced SQE training without compromising on the quality of our materials or teaching for two main reasons.

Firstly, the SRA has based the structure of the SQE on the QLTS. Over the last decade, we have been providing QLTS training to thousands of foreign lawyers, have gained invaluable and unique experience, and so we know all about this style of assessment and how best to prepare students for it.

Our preparation courses are tried and tested, and we had to spend less money working out how to adapt to the new environment. This means we can pass the saving on directly to you.

Secondly, our course programme has been built in an online environment using the latest technology and best practices in the industry. This not only allows you to study wherever and whenever is convenient for you, but it also means that we do not have expensive buildings to pay for or other overheads to drive our prices up like traditional brick and mortar LPC providers.

sqe course overview

The lack of geographical restriction also means that we can tap into the best talent from across the globe to offer you an unrivalled teaching and learning experience.

SQE course packages

We offer a range of packages to help you prepare for SQE1 and SQE2.

You will receive all the necessary study tools you need for success – a structured study plan, textbooks, practice questions, revision notes, digital flashcards, mock exams, video tutorials, online resources, and extensive tutor support.

All the materials are of high quality and designed specifically for the SQE. If you worked through all of the materials diligently, you would cover all the elements of the exams and will be highly likely to pass with good results on your first attempt.

The course content will be accessible through our proprietary online training system, which will track your activity and provide personal feedback on your progress and performance.

Key information about QLTS School's SQE preparation courses

  • Professionally written textbooks that thoroughly cover all the legal practice areas required by the SRA
  • Summaries of the main legal concepts and key areas of each subject
  • Digital flash cards with short questions and answers
  • An advanced online training system with extensive study resources
  • Periodic updates for the course material
  • Dozens of mock tests that cover the two stages of the SQE, allowing you to evaluate your performance in a simulated exam environment
  • A video library with online tutorials and professional presentations, available to watch on your computer, iPad, iPhone, or Android devices
  • Practical exercises, video skills workshops, and personal training
  • Expert tutors and legal skills trainers, experienced in teaching international candidates for the SQE exams
  • Special arrangements and unique programmes for international candidates based outside the UK
  • Personalised consultations and step-by-step study plans, available for both the SQE1 and SQE2 exams, so that you can benefit from structured  yet tailored guidance from the moment you begin preparation
  • Flexible payment plans with interest-free monthly instalments

The course programme covers each of the two stages of the SQE:

SQE1 Preparation Courses

SQE2 Preparation Courses

SQE1 Preparation Courses

All the tools you need to succeed

The course includes 18 textbooks, 200+ videos, 2,500 + practice questions, 5,000+ digital flash cards, revision notes, and 30 mock tests.

SQE2 Preparation Courses

Move forward with SQE2

The course includes practice areas summaries, 100+ video skills workshops, 300 mock exams and mock stations with personal tutor feedback.

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