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The Legal Skills Video Workshops – OSCE Assessment

The Legal Skills Video Workshops include a suite of more than 100 video workshops (spanning nearly 20 hours in total), and summaries with key points – check this fact sheet with a full list of the videos.


QLTS School’s exclusive video workshops provide practical demonstrations and comprehensive guidance so that you can reinforce and master your practical legal skills before attempting the OSCE assessment, feel more confident and know what to do, and equally importantly, what not to do, to pass. This means that you will derive greater value from the mock exams included in your course package as you will understand exactly what is required of you and avoid common errors which will detract from your overall performance.

Key benefits:

Client interviewing: the videos simulate real interviews between a solicitor and a client, covering the main topics a solicitor is likely to face in the interviewing stage of the assessment when conducting an interview with a client, including:

  • The initial stages of an interview;
  • Building rapport and dealing with emotional clients;
  • Asking questions;
  • Taking notes and dealing with documents; and
  • Closing the interview and preparing an attendance note.

Watch this sample clip below on Client Interviewing – Asking Questions and Dealing with Emotional Clients – Criminal Litigation – Good Role Play:

Advocacy: learn what is involved in contentious advocacy so that you can demonstrate the role and duties of an advocate in both civil and criminal courts.

Oral presentation: develop your non- contentious presentation style and gain invaluable insight on how to make a presentation to a client in the solicitor’s office on a legal issue.

Watch this sample clip on the right on Advocacy – Civil Litigation – Good Role Play:

The videos on client interviewing, advocacy and oral presentation include good and bad roleplay scenarios so that you can understand what is required to pass and what will lead to failure.

Legal writing: develop your skills and learn from an experienced tutor with extensive experience in the legal practice, who will walk you through the most important things to focus on when you write a letter of advice or an email to your client, an internal memo or an attendance note. This series of videos also cover the basic principles of English legal writing, such as using plain English free of jargon or ‘legalese’, punctuation, grammar, numbers, citations, and more.

A sample presentation on legal writing – writing letters – is available in the following video:

Legal drafting: receive guidance on drafting commonly used documents in various contexts you may be faced with during the assessment, including commercial contracts, board minutes, statements of case, a claim form, defence statement, purchase deed, a will, and many more. The presentation will also address the right way to use precedent documents and complete forms.

A sample presentation on legal drafting – members and board resolutions – is available in the following video:

Legal research: these videos provide a detailed walkthrough of attempting a legal research task, from understanding the parameters of the task through to a research letter of advice or memo. You will also benefit from practical and time-saving examples of how to use both LexisLibrary and Westlaw to conduct the required research across the areas of law assessed on the OSCE. Providing invaluable research tips along the way, these videos will help you become familiar with the layout and content so you can use the two research systems effectively.

A sample exercise on conducting an online legal research on LexisLibrary is available in the following video:

All of these useful videos are accompanied by pre and post-commentary notes delivered by an experienced legal skills trainer, together with summaries of key points covering the main principles you need to master in the OSCE assessment are viewable online (about 70 pages in total).

These videos can be watched anytime, from anywhere in the world, on your computer, iPad, iPhone or Android devices, so there is no need to travel to a study venue or attend expensive classroom lessons.

Check this preview of all clips – up to one minute of each clip is at no charge

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