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SQE – Solicitors Qualifying Examination

We'll Help You Pass the SQE Assessments and Become an English Solicitor

QLTS School will offer you comprehensive, affordable and flexible courses to prepare for the Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE) assessments. We serve individual lawyers and the world’s top law firms, and are focused exclusively on offering courses for the Qualified Lawyers Transfer Scheme (QLTS) assessments since its introduction in 2011 – which is the model for the SQE.

While there are differences between the structure and syllabus of the SQE and QLTS, the style and operation of these two assessments is very similar, which gives us deep insight as to the innovative training methods. The QLTS is the current route for foreign lawyers seeking admission as English solicitors, while the SQE will be taken from 2021 by all aspiring solicitors, whether domestic or foreign.

We have harnessed this extensive knowledge and experience to develop preparation courses aimed exclusively at the SQE, reflecting the SRA’s Assessment Specification for the assessment. This means that you are equipped with everything you need – without requiring any additional material – to pass the SQE assessments.

Get Ready: SQE is Coming Next Year

From 2021, all aspiring English solicitors will have to pass a centralised series of assessments – the Solicitors Qualifying Exam – in order to be admitted, regardless of which route into the profession they take before sitting the SQE.

The SQE requires all intending solicitors to demonstrate a high level of legal knowledge and practical skills, as well as intellectual and analytical ability. It facilitates the development of more flexible pathways to qualification than before, for those who are able to meet the robust standards of the assessment, without diluting the standard of legal skills and practical skills expected of members of one of the world’s most prestigious legal professions.

Your SQE Training Provider of Choice

QLTS School’s preparation courses for the SQE assessments have been designed and developed in accordance with the SRA requirements, are tailor-made to suit each candidate, and are completely flexible in study and time requirements. This means that you can study at times that are convenient for you, from a variety of locations – whether at home or in your office, in the UK or elsewhere.

Our materials are suitable for candidates from a wide range of different backgrounds and varying levels of legal knowledge and experience in English law. It doesn’t matter whether you are a recent law graduate, an apprentice or a paralegal in a law firm, or holding a bachelor’s degree in a non-law discipline.

You may be a foreign qualified lawyer, in either a common law or civil law jurisdiction and English may be your first or second language. You could be working full-time or part-time and have your job/clients/family to take care of: whatever your circumstances are, you can be sure of expert support, quality training, and the flexibility to tailor your training requirements so that you can prepare for and succeed at passing the SQE assessments on your own terms.

You Need a SQE Training Provider So You can Focus on Your Studies—Not on What to Study

The assessment provider, Kaplan (which also administers the QLTS assessments), is not authorised by the SRA to provide preparation courses for the SQE assessments.

The scope of the material, however, is very comprehensive and covers nearly the entire corpus of English law. In fact, you can spend days just trying to understand what is covered by the syllabus. In addition, current law degrees are not designed to prepare students for SQE1 and SQE2, which are practical in nature. The cost of sitting the SQE exams will run into thousands of pounds, with a limited number of attempts permitted per test.

It is, therefore, essential that you prepare for the assessments with a training provider that understands your needs and will provide you with the right guidance and advice from day one. Preparing with QLTS School will help you focus on your studies, build your confidence, and save you the time, money, and effort of trying to compile your own study materials and plan.

Our structured study programme will ensure that you focus on your studies – not on what to study.

We have trained thousands of candidates for the QLTS assessments since 2011, and possess deep knowledge and experience in preparing candidates from the world’s top law firms for the QLTS, the model on which the SQE assessments are based.

SQE Course Packages

We offer a range of packages to help you prepare for SQE1 and SQE2.

You will receive all the necessary study tools you need for success – textbooks, practice questions, revision notes, digital flashcards, mock exams, video tutorials, online resources and extensive tutor support.

The course materials will be accessible through our proprietary online training system, which will track your activity and provide personal feedback on your progress and performance.

SQE1 Preparation Course

Our SQE1 preparation course features the following:

  • 18 comprehensive textbooks offered in a hard copy format and delivered by special courier – the textbooks contain over 3,000 pages in total, and cover all areas of practice required by the SRA in SQE1: The English Legal System & European Union Law, Constitutional Law & Judicial Review, Professional Conduct & Solicitors’ Accounts, Financial Services, Legal Services, Money Laundering & Taxation, Property Law, Conveyancing, Contract Law, Torts, Criminal Law & Litigation, Business Law and Practice, Human Rights & Equality Act, Equity & Trusts, and Wills, Probate and Administration of Estates.
  • SQE video library of 200+ online tutorials available to view on a computer, iPad, iPhone or Android device. These include professional presentations and 60+ hours of lectures.
  • Course handbook explaining the fundamentals of the SQE assessments, the structure of the course programme, suggested study guides and test administration procedures, protocols and policies.
  • 5,000+ digital flashcards – short questions and answers on each of the topics covered by the syllabus. The flash cards are organised in accordance with the specific topics for each area, so you can focus only on the areas of difficulty rather than revisiting material you are already comfortable with. The digital flash cards will help you master the technical elements which can easily be forgotten given the large volume of the content, and to reinforce your knowledge before you attempt the mock tests.
  • Revision notes summarising the key points and main legal principles on each subject. You could also use the documents to add your own notes, highlight text and make annotations.
  • 2,500+ multiple choice practice questions, each with five possible answers and detailed solutions, covering all SQE1 areas of practice.
  • 30 mock tests (90 questions each) which will enable you to monitor your progress through simulated tests, with intermingled questions and a time limit similar to the formal test.
  • Periodic updates for the course materials.
  • Personal consultation with a tutor to identify your knowledge, experience, time commitment and study needs. You will then receive a personalised initial study plan, tailor-made to get you started quickly and smoothly and guide you in your preparation.
  • Two hours of tutor support – our tutors will answer any questions you may have about the material during your studies. The communication with the tutors will be available via email, Skype or a phone call, subject to requirements.

SQE2 Preparation Course

Our SQE1 preparation course features the following:

  • Course guide – this covers the structure, methodology and marking criteria of the practical assessment, study guides, and test administration procedures, protocols and policies – everything you need to know about what is expected of you and how you will be assessed.
  • Practice area summaries – these instil the essential elements of the law; the practice areas are summarised and divided into sections, covering the main topics tested in the SQE2 assessment. The summaries are excellent for revision purposes and will save you the time and hard work required in preparing your own notes. These summaries offer all the information needed to enable you to work through the various practice areas with ease and refer back to them during mock and assessment preparation.
  • SQE2 practice questions – these cover the legal practice areas; each question includes multiple exercises which are based on a single scenario/case study common to that practice area. The questions are supported by a variety of documents and forms which you may see in the formal assessment, such as a letter of claim and particulars of claim; board and members’ resolutions; defence and witness statements; a bail application; wills, IHT forms, oaths, and probate applications; purchase deeds, a copy of the register and site plan, and purchase and sale contracts.
  • 250 mock exams with suggested solutions for self-assessment – these cover all legal practice areas and skills tested in the SQE2 assessment. The mock exams provide a vital opportunity for you to deepen your legal knowledge and hone your practical skills. Points to note or proposed submissions for each mock enable you to understand what is required of you and, to identify areas of development during your preparation. The scenarios cover a wide spectrum of the SQE syllabus, with supporting documents to many of the questions, such as shareholders’ and partnership agreements, statements of claim, defence and counterclaim, interim applications, wills, tax forms, property transfer forms, title deeds, lease extracts, defence and witness statements. The interviewing/case and matter analysis skill exercises include instructions for both the interviewer and interviewee to enable role play for a more realistic assessment experience, together with scripts which simulate a real interview.
  • SQE Skills Online – more than 60 interactive exercises covering the practical legal skills, complemented by video and audio material and a 130-page accompanying book, to ensure that you are familiar with the various skills.
  • Legal Skills Video Workshops – a suite of more than 100 video workshops with role play scenarios and professional presentations (spanning nearly 20 hours in total). These include pre and post-commentary notes delivered by an experienced legal skills trainer. You will also receive access to summaries of key points (approximately 70 pages in total).
  • An initial consultation and a tailor-made study plan – shortly after your enrolment, you will be asked to complete a questionnaire and provide details about your legal experience and qualifications. Your tutor will then review the questionnaire prior to your initial consultation, following which you will receive a customised study plan, designed specifically to meet your personal requirements.
  • Mock practice stations with one-to-one tutor feedback in client interviewing and advocacy/persuasive oral presentation – the mock practice stations will be conducted via Skype, Facetime, or GoToMeeting, and will be personally marked by one of our tutors, who will provide you with feedback based on the SRA marking criteria.
  • Live workshops – you will have the opportunity to attend live and interactive workshops in London, which may include exercises, formal input, role plays and group interaction. The focus of the workshops is to build your confidence and reinforce your ability to speak with clarity, as well as presenting yourself in an articulate, professional and composed manner. The workshops are offered on a one-to-one basis or in small groups.
  • Periodic updates for the course materials.

What is Next?

We will begin offering our SQE preparation courses from January 2021. The fees for the preparation courses have not been set yet. However, the fees for SQE1 preparation courses are likely to range between £1,500 – £2,000, and for SQE2 between £1,500 – £2,500. There will be three course packages for each of SQE1 and SQE2 assessments. Each package includes some or all of the course features mentioned above.

If you would like to discuss the ways in which QLTS School can help you or the candidates at your law school or law firm prepare for the SQE, we would be happy to talk to you about the training QLTS School can offer you.

In the meantime, we invite to check our free SQE sample materials, download our brochure or request a free consultation with one of our advisors.


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