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Why should I take a preparation course for SQE2?

We cannot over-stress the importance of choosing a proven, focused and established training provider when it comes to a practical assessment such as the SQE2 assessments. At the time we were delivering QLTS courses, we were often approached by candidates who signed up with other providers’ programmes and were either unhappy with the materials received or even failed the assessment.

In other cases, candidates who failed on their first attempt may not have taken a course at all (or just bought some textbooks in a legal bookshop), believing that a structured and dedicated preparation course was either unnecessary or too expensive.

Simply reading textbooks is not going to prepare you for the SQE2 assessment. Preparation for the practical legal skills assessment consists of several stages: (i) understanding the style, format and procedures of the assessment (ii) studying the substantive and procedural law (iii) learning and understanding the six skills (iv) developing and practising your legal skills (v) undertaking mock practice stations with personal tutor feedback (SQE2 Advantage or Premium Courses).

Legal training is no place for mistakes and false economy. You should consider the cost of failing the SQE2 practical assessment.

Sitting the SQE2 assessment without a preparation course or signing up with a training provider which lacks the benefit of knowledge, experience and a proven track record of successful candidates may cost you thousands of pounds in the long run in retakes, delaying the progress of your legal career and so on. A one-off investment in thorough preparation for the SQE2 assessment will spare you no end of stress, hassle and lack of confidence and certainty.

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