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What is the main reason candidates fail the SQE2 assessments?

Based on our decade of experience in assisting candidates prepare for the QLTS, which has been the model for the SQE, many candidates failed the practical legal skills assessments due to a lack of understanding of the SRA requirements, the level of difficulty of the assessment itself and the expectation of candidates in the SQE2 assessment

Many candidates who failed the first time reported that their lack of awareness of what was really required of them by the SRA, sometimes having read somewhere on the Internet that the practical assessment is very easy to pass and not much learning is needed, which is certainly not the case.

The scope of the syllabus of SQE2 is comprehensive. Unless you are a very experienced legal professional, well-versed in English law, you will face a significant challenge ahead, for which there are no short cuts. In fact, you can spend days just trying to source out information and understand what is covered by the syllabus. Significant time is therefore needed to prepare and practise for the assessment.

The SRA has designed the SQE2 assessment such that unless you develop and demonstrate the necessary skills, knowledge and ability to apply the law in such a way as to meet their stringent criteria, you are unlikely to pass the assessment.

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