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SQE Develop Your Career

SQE Develop Your Career

Working in Partnership with Law Firms

Many of today’s leading law firms require that their foreign lawyers will take the QLTS and qualify as solicitors in England and Wales.

Here are just some of the reasons why a lawyer in your firm should take the QLTS assessments and qualify as an English solicitor:

  • Open a variety of career opportunities and mobility of lawyers within your firm in a global market
  • Enhance your firm’s professional profile, reputation and marketability
  • Offer a wider range of legal services to your clients
  • Work as a solicitor in England and Wales
  • Gain a foothold in the EU market
  • Acquire more business and increase your firm’s revenue

QLTS School is the premier training provider for the QLTS assessments. We work closely with the leading law firms in the UK and the rest of the world to offer the highest quality preparation courses to their lawyers. We will be actively working with the Head of Training and Education of your firm to make the learning process of your lawyers as smooth and pleasant as possible. Our tailored programmes to your law firm will ensure successful results.

Strategic Provider of the Legal Education and Training Group in the UK

In October 2013, QLTS School has become a strategic provider of the Legal Education and Training Group (LETG) in the UK. The LETG is committed to identifying, developing and promoting best practice in legal training and development, and representing the interests of its members in ensuring quality in legal education, and appropriateness of the regulation of legal education and training to the profession’s needs.

Most if not all of the leading law firm in the UK are members of the LETG. We are proud to be awarded the strategic provider status by the LETG. We will make sure that by partnering with us, the lawyers at your firm undertaking the QLTS will receive the best training available today.

We'll Help the Lawyers at Your Firm to Pass the First Time

There are many benefits of partnering with QLTS School:

  • Focus – we only teach for one test, the QLTS assessment
  • Experience – our staff has extensive experience in their field of expertise
  • Professionalism – our course is the most comprehensive training programme, well designed and frequently updated. It combines professionally written textbooks with extensive online resources and tutor support – so your lawyers can study anywhere globally and there’s no need to go to evening lectures
  • Supportive – we have the best tutors and a dedicated administrative team on-hand to teach, answer queries and help your lawyers walk through the course
  • Guidance – we will assist your lawyers to submit their applications for the assessments
  • Revision sessions – we will offer an online tutorial with our tutors, dedicated to your firm, a few weeks before the assessments.

If you are a law firm and wish to discuss working with us and how we can prepare your lawyers for the QLTS assessments, please contact us at info@qlts.co.uk or call us on 44 (0) 207 117 6077. You can also download our QLTS brochure for law firms.

QLTS Training for Law Firms
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