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sqe training for law firms

SQE Training for Law Firms

Tailored SQE preparation and consulting services for UK and international law firms

SQE Training for Law Firms

Tailored SQE preparation and consulting services for UK and international law firms

sqe training for law firms

What we can offer your firm

QLTS School’s preparation courses for the SQE assessments have been designed and developed in accordance with the SRA requirements, and with the needs of the busy lawyer and modern law firm in mind.

We understand that many law firms are concerned that their candidates’ assessment preparation will interrupt day-to-day practice due to the requirement for them to take time to leave the office to attend classroom lessons.

At the same time, law firms have an interest in ensuring that their candidates are comprehensively prepared for every aspect of the SQE assessments process.

We understand the needs and concerns of law firms, which is why our SQE preparation courses are tailor-made to suit each candidate, and are completely flexible in study and time requirements. This means that your lawyers can study at times that are convenient for them and your firm, without losing utilisation and with minimum disruption to working practice.

We have trained thousands of lawyers for the QLTS assessments since 2011, and possess deep experience in preparing candidates from the world’s top law firms for the QLTS, the model on which the SQE assessments are based.

Our SQE preparation courses

In addition to hard copies textbooks which cover the subject areas and legal knowledge of the syllabus, our training utilises a variety of advanced and innovative learning tools, such as an easily-accessible online training system with thousands of practice questions, hundreds of mock exams, a video library, online skills workshops, and extensive tutor support.

The courses can be delivered to your law firm whether it is located in the UK or anywhere else in the world, with further customisation as needed to meet your specific learning and development requirements.

Our online-only focus means that our overheads are reduced, so our fees are considerably lower than our competitors without compromising on the quality of the materials.

We'll help the lawyers at your firm pass the first time

There are many benefits to partnering with QLTS School:

  • Focus – we only offer courses for the SQE assessments.
  • Experience – our staff has extensive experience in their field of expertise and, most importantly, for an SQE-style assessment.
  • Professionalism – our offering is backed by an experienced team of full-time staff, and our courses are comprehensive, well designed, and frequently updated.
  • Flexibility – our materials combine professionally written textbooks with extensive online resources and tutor support – so your candidates can study anywhere globally and there’s no need to go to evening lectures.
  • Supportive – we have excellent tutors on-hand to teach, answer queries and help your lawyers walk through the course.
  • Revision sessions – we can offer live online tutorials with our tutors, dedicated to your firm and scheduled at times convenient for the business, a few weeks before the assessments.

Working in partnership with foreign law firms outside the UK

Many of today’s leading law firms require that their lawyers take the SQE and dual-qualify as solicitors in England and Wales.

Here are just some of the reasons why a lawyer in your firm should take the SQE assessments and qualify as an English solicitor:

  • Open a variety of career opportunities and mobility of lawyers within your firm in a global market
  • Enhance your firm’s professional profile, reputation, and marketability
  • Offer a wider range of legal services to your clients
  • Work as a solicitor in England and Wales
  • Acquire more business and increase your firm’s revenue   

QLTS School was the premier training provider for the QLTS assessments, the fast track route for foreign lawyers to become English solicitors, which is now merged with the SQE.

We have been working closely with the leading law firms in the UK and the rest of the world to offer the highest quality preparation courses to their lawyers for the QLTS assessments, and we can do the same for the SQE.

Getting started with the SQE

We will be happy to actively work with your learning & Development team to understand your business requirements and make the learning process of your lawyers as smooth and pleasant as possible.

If you are a law firm and wish to discuss working with us and how we can prepare your lawyers for the SQE assessments, please contact us at info@qlts,co,uk or call us on + 44 (0) 207 117 6077. You can also download our SQE brochure for law firms, or request a free consultation with one of our advisors today to discuss your training needs.

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