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Registration for the February 2017 MCT Assessment Opens

Registration for the February 2017 MCT assessment, the first part of the QLTS, is now open. 

The deadline for registration with Kaplan is 6 December 2016 and deadline for booking with Pearson VUE (which delivers the MCT online in conjunction with Kaplan) is 28 December 2016. Candidates who attempt to book after this date are very unlikely to be able to secure a place. Please make sure you are aware of these cut-off dates and the two-stage registration process. From past experience, places for the MCT tend to fill-in very quickly, hence early registration and booking are strongly advised if you plan to sit the MCT on 8 February, 2017.

If you have not sat yet the MCT, it’s the perfect time to sign up now for the course and start preparing for the February 2017 MCT exam. Updates with changes to legislation will be provided to all our candidates. You are reminded that unless otherwise stated in advance candidates are assessed on the law in force at the time of the assessment.

Check our MCT course packages to learn more.

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