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QLTS School’s Candidates – New Success Stories

QLTS School congratulates its candidates who recently completed the QLTS assessments (both written and practical) and are now dual-qualified English solicitors or eligible to apply to the Roll of Solicitors of England and Wales.

We would also like to extend our deep gratitude to our successful candidates who were kind enough to share their experiences in preparing for the QLTS assessments and have been recently been interviewed by our video team:

• Sarah Lothian (Qualified in NSW, Australia)

• Stephen Kines (Qualified in the US (New York/Washington) and Canada (Ontario))

• Sharika Nair (Qualified in India)

• Lia Machado (Qualified in Brazil)

• Wojciech Baginski (Qualified in Poland as a Foreign Lawyer and in the US (New York))

• Jason Hung (Qualified in Hong Kong)

• Rebecca Helm (Qualified in the US (New York))

• Aleksandra Krawcewicz (Qualified in the US (New York))

• Kyoungho Kim (Qualified in South Korea)

• Amy Chen (Qualified in NSW, Australia)

The interviews are available to watch on our Success Stories page:


All of these dual-qualified lawyers enjoy the beginnings of a truly international legal career, whether in the UK or in their home jurisdictions. In the videos, our candidates explain why a preparation course is essential for the QLTS, how they balanced study with a full-time job and why being a dual-qualified English solicitor is so important for today’s lawyers. Our candidates also give important tips for success to future QLTS candidates.

Watching these videos will answer the questions of those still researching whether to take the course and with which provider, whilst current candidates can drive inspiration and advice from these experienced former candidates now reaping the benefits from successfully passing the QLTS assessments.


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