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QLTS School Launches Comprehensive Video Tutorial Library

The MCT Video Library will help lawyers to prepare for the MCT assessment, the first element of the QLTS which is the fast-track route to become a dual-qualified English solicitor.

May 20, 2013 — LONDON, UK — QLTS School, a training provider of QLTS preparation courses and consulting services to individual lawyers and the world’s top law firms, announced today the launch of the MCT Video Library, a new and innovative tool to help non-UK Lawyers prepare for the MCT element of the QLTS assessments.

The QLTS is the official transfer scheme of the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA), the regulatory body of the Law Society of England and Wales, for internationally qualified lawyers seeking admission as English solicitors. The QLTS replaced the previous regime, the QLTT (Qualified Lawyers Transfer Test) in September 2010.

The MCT Video Library is a new service that offers QLTS candidates access to over 80 video tutorials with professional presentations, spanning 35 + hours of lectures and providing a broad overview of the SRA syllabus. The MCT Video Library will help QLTS candidates to learn and develop a deep understanding of each of the subject areas of the MCT assessment, allowing candidates to test confidently and achieve high score.

With this service, QLTS candidates can significantly reduce their preparation time and save the costs associated with traveling to a study venue or attending expensive classroom lessons. This collection of lectures is supported by all major mobile devices and desktop platforms, so that QLTS School’s candidates can prepare for the MCT assessment ‘On The Go’.

The videos are available on QLTS School’s MCT Online Training System, with over 1,000 multiple choice practice questions, 15 mock tests and revision notes. They complement the MCT textbooks and provide candidates with a good and solid knowledge of the subjects tested in the MCT assessment.

A Preview of the MCT Video Library is available at the QLTS School’s Video Channel. The Preview allows visitors to watch the first few minutes of each lesson at no cost.

The QLTS assessments comprise three elements – multiple choice test (commonly known as the MCT) and two practical assessments – Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) and Technical Legal Skills Test (TLST). Lawyers who pass the MCT assessment, which is a standardised test, can proceed to take the practical assessments, following successful completion they become eligible to qualify as English solicitors. Since the introduction of the QLTS assessments in 2010, many lawyers from all over the world, including common and civil law jurisdictions, such as European Union countries, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Brazil, Russia, have been talking advantage of the programme and applied to become dual-qualified English solicitors.

Taylor Hannon of QLTS School commented: “As today’s busy lawyers increasingly use smart phones, tablets and laptops as part of their everyday work, they need cost-effective and flexible ways to study for the MCT assessment. The MCT Video Library has been created so that QLTS School’s candidates also have quick mobile or desktop access to more study aids along with other traditional learning tools offered by QLTS School. The MCT Video Library is customised for each lawyer and law firm to fit their specific needs, based on the number of the SRA Outcomes a specific candidate is required to pass.”

About QLTS School

QLTS School, based in London, is a training provider for the QLTS assessments, which have replaced the QLTT (Qualified Lawyers Transfer Test). The company offers courses for the three assessments of the QLTS: Multiple Choice Test (MCT), Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) and Technical Legal Skills Test (TLST). The course program is fully comprehensive yet flexible in delivery, based on textbooks, video tutorials, online resources and tutor support. To learn more about QLTS School, visit http://www.QLTS.co.uk | Tel + 44 (0) 207 117 6077 | Email: info@qlts.co.uk


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