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QLTS and OSCE/TLST: Very Important News

Kaplan QLTS has been re-appointed by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) as the sole assessment provider for the Qualified Lawyers Transfer Scheme.

As part of this process, the SRA has also reviewed the structure and format of the QLTS assessments, with some changes in the format and delivery of the assessment areas currently covered by the OSCE and TLST.

What has changed?


For the MCT, nothing will change apart from the price, which has increased to £500 + VAT. The next MCT assessment date is 12 February 2013.


For the OSCE/TLST, the areas covered by these two assessments will be amalgamated into a single exam known as the OSCE.

This amalgamation will not affect the current OSCE/TLST assessments scheduled to be held in late October and early November this year, but will be effective from the next round of OSCE assessments (dates TBC).

The structure of the new OSCE will be that for each of the three practice areas (Business, Property and Probate, and Civil and Criminal Litigation), there will be ONE round of assessments. This means a total of 15 stations in the new OSCE as opposed to the current 18 that comprise the OSCE/TLST, which include additional advocacy assessments.

The new price for the OSCE will be £2925 + VAT, covering the combined OSCE and TLST fees without a price increase.

For more information about the changes and implications which may affect your individual circumstances, please see Kaplan’s FAQ document.

QLTS School will be updating its website over the course of the next few weeks.


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