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QLTS School’s past candidates agree: mock practice stations with personal tutor feedback key to OSCE success.

Making the right decision to study with QLTS School, will save your time, money and effort. We will prepare you to pass the OSCE practical assessment on your first attempt.

An initial interview with one of our expert tutors
Tailor-made study plan
OSCE Course Guide
Expert guidance and direct contact with your tutor
OSCE practice area summaries
Free periodic updates for the course materials
A series of legal research videos
Access to QLTS Skills Online
Access to the Legal Skills Video Workshops
Mock exams with suggested solutions for self-assessment  25  125
Mock practice stations with personal tutor feedback  5 mock stations
(2 on Part I and
3 on Part II)
 7 mock stations
(3 on Part I and
4 on Part II)
OSCE material will become available to you online shortly after completing your course application. There are no delivery charges.
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You can also download our OSCE course application form and book by mail, fax or email. You can pay by debit or credit card, a cheque or bank transfer.

Trusted by thousands of lawyers from more than 60 countries and the world`s top law firms

Here’s what over 100 of our past candidates say about QLTS School’s preparation courses

Common Questions and Answers


QLTS School’s OSCE tutors are drawn from Qualified Solicitors and Barristers, Senior University Law Lecturers and Lead SRA External Examiners on The Legal Practice Course. They all have extensive experience in helping foreign lawyers pass the OSCE. Tutor Biographies are available on the ‘Meet Your Tutors’ page

Following your enrolment onto the OSCE course, you will be asked to complete a questionnaire and provide details of your legal experience and qualifications. The initial interview with our expert tutor will be conducted once the tutor has reviewed your questionnaire, which is usually 2-3 working days after we have received your completed questionnaire.

Your personal mock practice stations with the tutor will be conducted over a period of several weeks at mutually-agreed times, whatever your location or time zone.

The OSCE practice area summaries, 125 mock exams with suggested solutions for self-assessment guides, Legal Skills Video Workshops, QLTS Skills Online, and dozens of OUP video lessons are available on our OSCE online training system. You will be provided with a username and password to login following your enrolment to our OSCE course.

You will be using selected LPC and skills textbooks and online resources provided by Oxford University Press (OUP) during the course. These resources also include video and audio lectures, case studies and test banks, which are only available to our candidates. There is an additional cost of £170 plus delivery for the books and online resources, payable directly to OUP.

QLTS Skills Online is a great support tool for learning the skills required on the OSCE assessment. A 100-page book viewable online which accompanies this online resource will introduce you to the concepts behind the skills, while more than 60 online interactive exercises, some featuring video and audio material, offer you another opportunity to practise the skills (in addition to the 125 mock exams and mock practice stations with your tutor).

Yes. If you complete your course application online, just before the checkout page, you will be presented the option to convert the course fees from GBP to other currencies. At this present time we accept payments in these currencies: USD, EURO, ARS, AUD, BRL, CAD, CNY, HKD, INR, JPY, NZD, RUB, SGD, TRY and ZAR.

Call us any time on + 44 (0) 20 117 6077 or send us an email at info@qlts.co.uk. We will return to you very quickly with a reply to your questions.

We have prepared the OSCE Toolkit, a comprehensive document that will help you understand how and what you are assessed on, what you need to know, how to prepare and how to pass the OSCE assessment on your first attempt.

We offer 125 mock exams with model answers for self-assessment (25 on each of the five practice areas), which cover all legal practice areas and skills tested on the OSCE assessment. The mock exams provide ample opportunity for you to deepen your legal knowledge and hone your practical skills. Points to note or proposed submissions for each mock enable you to understand what is required of you and identify areas of development during their preparation. The scenarios cover a wide spectrum of the OSCE syllabus, with supporting documents to many of the questions, such as shareholders’ agreements, statements of claim, wills, lease extracts and defences. The interviewing skill exercises include instructions for both interviewer and interviewee to enable role-play for a more realistic assessment environment, together with scripts which simulate a real interview and advocacy/oral presentation.

The workshops include a suite of more than 50 videos (spanning nearly 8 hours in total), and summaries with key notes (about 70 pages). The videos on interviewing, advocacy and oral presentation includes role-play scenarios and expert tutor’s commentary and tips for success. The series of videos on legal writing and drafting are delivered by a law tutor with extensive experience in practice and cover the basic principles of English legal writing and guidance on drafting commonly used documents in various contexts you may be faced with during the assessment. The legal research presentations provide a detailed walkthrough of attempting a legal research task, from understanding the parameters of the task through to a research letter of advice or memo. You will also benefit from practical and time-saving examples of how to use both LexisLibrary and Westlaw to conduct the required research across the areas of law assessed on the OSCE. All the videos have captions to assist hearing-impaired candidates.

You will have the opportunity to attend live and interactive workshops in London on client interviewing, advocacy and oral presentations skills, which may include exercises, formal input, role plays and group interaction. The focus of the workshops is to further build your confidence and reinforce your ability to be able to speak with clarity and present yourselves in an articulate, professional and composed manner. You will be equipped with tools and techniques that you can use to reinforce your practical skills right up to the date of their assessment. The workshops are offered on a one-to-one basis or in small groups for an additional charge.

We cannot over-stress the importance of choosing a proven, focused and established training provider when it comes to a practical assessment such as the OSCE. We are often approached by candidates who signed up with other providers’ programmes and were either unhappy with the materials received or even failed the assessment.

In other cases, candidates who failed on their first attempt may not have taken a course at all (or just bought LPC textbooks in a legal bookshop), believing that a structured and dedicated preparation course was either unnecessary or too expensive.

Simply reading textbooks is not going to prepare you for the OSCE assessment. Legal training is no place for mistakes and false economy. You should consider the cost of failing the OSCE practical assessment.

Sitting the OSCE without a preparation course or signing up with a training provider which lacks the benefit of knowledge, experience and a proven track record of successful candidates may cost you thousands of pounds in the long run in retakes, delaying the progress of your legal career and so on. A one-off investment in thorough preparation for the OSCE assessment will spare you no end of stress, hassle and lack of confidence and certainty.

Based on our experience, a common reason for failure in the practical assessment is a lack of understanding of the SRA requirements, the level of difficulty of the assessment itself and the expectation of candidates in the OSCE assessment.

Many candidates who failed the first time report their lack of awareness of what was really required of them by the SRA, sometimes having read somewhere on the Internet that the OSCE assessment is very easy to pass and not much learning is needed, which is certainly not the case.

The scope of the syllabus of the OSCE is comprehensive. The domestic equivalent is taught over 500 teaching hours in the UK on a one-year, full-time course. In fact, you can spend days just trying to source out information and understand what is covered by the syllabus. Significant time is therefore needed to prepare and practise for the assessment.

The SRA has designed the OSCE assessment such that unless you develop and demonstrate the necessary skills, knowledge and ability to apply the law in such a way as to meet their stringent criteria, you are unlikely to pass the assessment.

All legal research exam questions can be answered using either LexisLibrary or Westlaw, however each service has particular strengths, and you will save yourself invaluable time on the assessment if you are able to identify which service to use for a particular strand of research. Hence, candidates should be perfectly proficient on both databases.

By way of example, some helpful literature may be found only on LexiLibrary, such as Halsbury’s Laws of England, whereas other sources, e.g., Chitty on Contracts, is only available on Westlaw.

Please keep in mind that you are given 60 minutes to conduct the entire legal research assessment from which you are advised to devote only 45 minutes for the actual online search, where the remaining time should be used to read the question, plan your research, write your legal advice to the client, and provide the legal reasoning mentioning any key sources or authorities.

On the technical side, some candidates have found in the past that during the assessment one of the databases was suffering from technical difficulties, so being proficient on the other database could be the difference between passing and failing.

QLTS School has made special arrangements with both LexisNexis and Westlaw to exclusively allow our candidates remote access to LexisLibrary and Westlaw content, from anywhere in the world. The arrangements provide you with the opportunity to benefit from 6 months’ access for £200 (VAT is not applicable) for each of the databases (£400 in total for LexisLibrary and Westlaw).

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