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A New Feature for OSCE Exams Preparation – Legal Drafting Specialty Tutorials

The video tutorials offers better preparation of aspiring English solicitors for the OSCE assessment of the QLTS, the fast-track route for international lawyers to qualification as English solicitors.

The 40+ legal drafting specialty tutorials, spanning nearly 10 hours in total, cover a selection of documents and forms that candidates may be examined in the legal drafting skill of the OSCE assessment. The tutorials spread over five legal practice areas, as follows:

Property Law

  • Drafting a lease
  • Registration of a lease
  • Form FR1 (First registration)
  • Form TP1 (Transfer of part of registered title)
  • Form TR1 (Transfer of whole of registered title)
  • Licence to assign
  • Licence to occupy a parking space
  • The Standard Conditions of Sale
  • Post completion procedures
  • Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT)
  • Form K1 (Application of a land charge in unregistered land)
  • Form K2 (Application for registration of a land charge of class F)
  • Form K6 (Application for registration of a priority notice)
  • Form OS1 (Request for an official search with priority of whole)
  • Form OS2 (Request for an official search with priority of part)

Wills and Probate

  • A will
  • A letter of wishes
  • Application for Probate
  • Completing Inheritance Tax (IHT) forms
  • Oaths and statements of truth

Business Law

  • Application to register a limited company
  • Application to register a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)
  • Articles of association
  • Shareholders’ agreement
  • Partnership agreement
  • Service agreement
  • Board minutes

Criminal Litigation

  • Defence statement
  • Application for a witness summons
  • Application for bail
  • Application to dismiss charges
  • Defendant’s application or appeal to the crown court after magistrates’ court bail decision
  • Application to admit hearsay evidence
  • Witness statement
  • Case management form
  • Certificate of trial readiness
  • Plea and trial preparation form

Civil Litigation

  • Statements of case
  • Letter of claim
  • Particulars of claim
  • Claim form
  • Defence and counterclaim
  • Reply to defence and defence to counterclaim
  • Draft orders
  • Interim applications and evidence in support
  • Witness statement

The tutorials can be watched on any computer, tablet or mobile device, and are combined with subtitles for enhanced accessibility.

The legal drafting specialty tutorials are offered as standard on all OSCE Advantage and Premium Course packages. Candidates who already have access to the Legal Skills Video Workshops, will now have access to the drafting specialty tutorials without any additional costs.

An example of a drafting tutorial on Civil Litigation, Particulars of Claim, is available below:

This is part of our ongoing efforts to take advantage of the latest technology to improve our preparation courses and customer service we offer to international lawyers taking the QLTS assessments.

Visit our website to learn about our OSCE course packages.

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