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New Video Released: Tips for Success Offered by Former QLTS School’s Candidates to Future Candidates

In this video, we put together videos of over 25 former QLTS School’s candidates who share their tips for success and offer advice to future candidates preparing for the QLTS assessments. Here are the highlights:

  • Do not underestimate the exams and take the preparation very seriously – the syllabus is comprehensive and requires thorough preparation
  • Start your preparation as early as possible – allow yourself sufficient time to study
  • Do as many practice questions and mock exams as possible and use your tutor
  • Try to take the OSCE shortly after completing the MCT
  • Taking the QLTS assessments and becoming a dual-qualified English solicitor is a good investment which will undoubtedly benefit your legal career

 Check our various course packages for the MCT and OSCE, and start your preparation for the assessments in just a few days.

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