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QLTS School Announces New Additions to its OSCE Preparation Course

The new additions will enhance the learning experience of aspiring English solicitors who prepare for the OSCE, the second element of the QLTS assessments.

February 1, 2019 — LONDON, UK — QLTS School, a QLTS training provider to individual lawyers and the world’s top law firms, today announced the launch of new tools to help non-UK lawyers prepare for the OSCE element of the QLTS assessments, which fast-track international lawyers to qualification as English solicitors.

Additional 125 Mock Exams

The current OSCE course already includes 125 mock exams with suggested solutions for self-assessment. The additional 125 mock exams cover more topics and scenarios which may be tested on the OSCE assessment. The new suite of questions, along with the current 125 mock exams, provide ample opportunity for candidates to deepen their legal knowledge and hone their practical skills.

Points to note or proposed submissions for each mock enable candidates to understand what is required of them by the assessor and identify areas of development in advance of the assessment.

The 250 scenarios cover a wide spectrum of the OSCE syllabus, and often feature supporting documents such as shareholders’ agreements, articles of association, statements of claim, wills, IHT forms, property transfer forms, and defence and witness statements. The interviewing skills exercises include instructions for both interviewer and interviewee to enable roleplay for a more realistic assessment environment, together with scripts which simulate a real interview and oral presentation.

Sample OSCE Mock Exams are available for Civil Litigation/Advocacy and Business Law/Interviewing.

Check the OSCE Matrix to see the topics/skills covered by each of the 250 tasks which are now available to candidates.

15 English Writing Tasks

English writing skills will be tested across several stations in the OSCE assessment. Candidates will need to demonstrate that they are able to use appropriate, clear, precise and acceptable English. The 15 tasks are intended to enable candidates practise their writing skills and demonstrate that they can: (i) correctly identify the purpose of the letter (ii) adopt house style and use formalities appropriate to the purpose and context (iii) communicate clearly and fluently in grammatically correct English in a way that is appropriate to the recipient of the letter, purpose and context.

2,000+ OSCE Digital Flash Cards

The flash cards are structured as short questions and answers and cover the various practice areas to help candidates reinforce their legal knowledge of the substantive and procedural law.

1,800+ Multiple Choice Practice Questions

Each MCQs has five possible answers and a detailed solution. Attempting the MCQs is an excellent way to learn and understand the law which candidates will be tested on the OSCE assessment.

Samples materials are available for the English writing tasks, flash cards and MCQs.

The new additions to the course are available on QLTS School’s OSCE Online Training System, together with practice areas summaries, a course guide booklet, a series of legal research videos, QLTS Skills Online – with over 60 interactive exercises complemented by video and audio material and a 130-page book, and the Legal Skills Video Workshops – an innovative feature contains a suite of more than 100 video workshops, spanning nearly 20 hours in total, and summaries with key points.

QLTS School’s candidates also have the option to work with a personal tutor who customises their study plan and provides personal feedback on their mock practice questions based on the SRA marking criteria. The mock practice stations will be conducted via Skype, Facetime, or telephone.

Candidates will also have the opportunity to attend live and interactive workshops in London, with a legal skills trainer, which may include exercises, formal input, role plays and group interaction. The workshops are offered on a one-to-one basis or in small groups.

Visit QLTS School’s website to learn about the OSCE course packages.

Nir Chanoch, Managing Director of QLTS School, commented: “We are very pleased with the new additions to our OSCE course, which significantly enhance the courses and services we offer to foreign lawyers taking the QLTS assessments. Each element has been designed from the ground up exclusively for QLTS School and specifically to address each one of the legal practice areas skill sets forming the QLTS OSCE syllabus. Ultimately, the new tools will enable candidates to test confidently and achieve a higher score on the OSCE assessment.”

About the QLTS

The Qualified Lawyers Transfer Scheme (QLTS) is the official transfer scheme of the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA), the regulatory body of the Law Society of England and Wales, for internationally qualified lawyers seeking admission as English solicitors.

The QLTS assessments comprise two elements – multiple choice test (commonly known as the MCT) and practical assessment – Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE). Lawyers who pass the MCT assessment can proceed to take the practical assessment, following successful completion they become eligible to qualify as English solicitors. There is experience requirement or training to complete under the QLTS.

Since the introduction of the QLTS assessments in 2011, thousands of lawyers from all over the world, including common and civil law jurisdictions, such as the US, Australia, South Africa, European Union countries, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Brazil, Russia, Turkey, have been talking advantage of the programme and applied to become dual-qualified English solicitors.

More information about the QLTS is available on QLTS School’s website.

About QLTS School
QLTS School, with offices in London and New York City, provides preparation courses and consulting services for the QLTS assessments. The company offers courses for the two assessments of the QLTS: MCT and OSCE. The course programme is fully comprehensive yet flexible in delivery, and is based on textbooks, video tutorials, mock exams, online resources and tutor support. To learn more about QLTS School, visit http://www.QLTS.co.uk | Tel + 44 (0) 207 117 6077 | Email: info@qlts.co.uk

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