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Locations for the July 2016 MCT Assessment

Locations for the July 2016 MCT Assessment

The registration and bookings for the July 2016 MCT assessment are now open. Please pay attention to the following deadlines:

  • The registration with Kaplan QLTS Deadline is 17:00 UK Time on 29 April 2016
  • The booking with Pearson VUE Deadline is 17:00 UK Time on 25 May 2016

The MCT assessment will be offered online in London (UK), US (New York and New Jersey), Singapore, China (Shanghai and Beijing), Japan (Tokyo) Russia (Moscow), Turkey (Istanbul and Ankara, Brazil (Sao Paolo), India (Mumbai, Delhi and other cities), South Africa (Johannesburg), Hong Kong, Thailand (Bangkok) Philippines (Manila), Australia (Sydney and Melbourne) and a selection of cities in the UK and Europe (e.g., Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, Madrid, Rome, Frankfurt, Athens, Warsaw, Bucharest, and others). You can check the seat availability for the various locations on the booking page of Pearson VUE.

Please note that spaces are limited and subject to availability so candidates are advised to book early to guarantee a place. It is not possible to guarantee that a place will be available at a certain location (or at all) at the time you register or book the assessment.

Check our MCT course packages if you’re not signed up yet for the course, and ensure you are well-prepared to pass the MCT on your first attempt.

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