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Important Updates to the MCT Course (August 2016)

An important update to the MCT course was released today, covering various aspects on the SRA Outcomes.

The update focusses on the revised indicative content of SRA Outcome A5 – Contract, as recently announced by Kaplan: “Exclusion clauses and unfair terms: incorporation; construction; at common law; Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977; Consumer Rights Act 2015“.

Other areas covered by the August 2016 update are Financial Services (Outcome A4), Human Rights (Outcome A10), and Business Law (Outcome A11).

The update is provided at no additional cost to QLTS School’s registered candidates and is accessible through the MCT Online Training System. We also included several new practice questions covering the updated topics.

You are reminded that unless otherwise stated in advance, you are assessed on the law in force at the time of the assessment. As the updated content is relevant to the February 2017 MCT (and beyond), understating the amended law is imperative and could be the difference between failure and success in the MCT assessment.

Make sure to log in to your online account and carefully read through the update.

If you are not yet signed up with QLTS School, check our MCT course packages to ensure you are well prepared for the MCT assessment.

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