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High Pass Rate of QLTS School Candidates in the January 2013 MCT Sitting

According to Kaplan QLTS published results, the overall pass rate on the MCT sitting in January 2013 was 59%.

We conducted a survey among our candidates in March 2013, which reveal that the pass rate of our QLTS School’s candidates was 81%. This is in comparison to July 2011 where the pass rate of our candidates was about 72%. We are, of course, very pleased with the results.

Based on these results and by applying an industry’s widely accepted test, the pass rate for non-QLTS School’s course takers was 38%. In other words, candidates who prepared with QLTS School for the January 2013 assessment passed at more than double the rate of candidates who did not study with us.

It is also estimated that about 2/3 of the successful candidates in the January 2013 assessment prepared for the MCT with QLTS School. In other words, taking our MCT course dramatically improves your prospects of succeeding by a statistically significant amount (‘Fisher exact test’), estimated to be 53%.

Read more about a recent market research on MCT pass rates conducted by ICF International (NASDAQ:ICFI)


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