Recognised Jurisdiction Qualified Lawyer Which form English language requirement
Argentina Abogado/a QLTS2 Yes
Australia Lawyer QLTS2 Option 3
Austria Rechtsanwalt QLTS1 N/A
Belgium Avocat/Advocaat/ Rechtsanwalt QLTS1 N/A
Bangladesh Advocate QLTS2 Yes
Brazil Advogado QLTS2 Yes
Bulgaria Адвокат (Advocat) QLTS1 N/A
Cameroon Republic Advocate/Solicitor QLTS2 Yes
Alberta Barrister/Solicitor QLTS2 Option 3
British Columbia Barrister/Solicitor QLTS2 Option 3
Manitoba Barrister/Solicitor QLTS2 Option 3
New Brunswick Barrister/Solicitor QLTS2 Yes
Newfoundland and Labrador Barrister/Solicitor QLTS2 Option 3
Northwest Territories Barrister/Solicitor QLTS2 Option 3
Nova Scotia Lawyer QLTS2 Option 3
Nunavut Barrister/Solicitor QLTS2 Option 3
Prince Edward Island Barrister/Solicitor/Attorney QLTS2 Option 3
Province of Ontario Barrister/Solicitor QLTS2 Option 3
Quebec Advocate/Attorney QLTS2 Yes
Saskatewan Lawyer QLTS2 Option 3
Yukon Barrister/Solicitor QLTS2 Option 3
Colombia Abogado QLTS2 Yes
Cyprus Δικηγόρος (Dikegoros) QLTS1 N/A
Czech Republic Advokát QLTS1 N/A
Denmark Advokat QLTS1 N/A
England and Wales Barrister QLTS1 Option 3
Estonia Vandeaddvokaat QLTS1 N/A
Finland Advokar Asianajaja QLTS1 N/A
France Avocat/Avocat aux Conseils/Notaire QLTS1 N/A
Germany Rechtsanwalt QLTS1 N/A
Ghana Lawyer QLTS2 Yes
Gibraltar Solicitor/Barrister QLTS1 N/A
Greece Δικηγόρος (Dikegoros) QLTS1 N/A
Hong Kong Solicitor
Hungary Ügyvéd QLTS1 N/A
Iceland lögmaður QLTS1 N/A
India Advocate QLTS2 Yes
Indonesia Advocate QLTS2 Yes
Ireland Solicitor/Barrister QLTS1 N/A
Isle of Man Manx Advocate QLTS2 Yes
Israel Advocate QLTS2 Yes
Italy Avvocato QLTS1 N/A
Japan Bengoshi QLTS2 Yes
Kenya Advocate QLTS2 Yes
Korean Republic Lawyer QLTS2 Yes
Latvia Zvērināts advokāts QLTS1 N/A
Lichtenstein Rechtsanwalt QLTS1 N/A
Lithuania Advokatas QLTS1 N/A
Luxembourg Avocat QLTS1 N/A
Malaysia (West) Advocate Solicitor QLTS2 Yes
Malta Avukat Prokuratur Legali QLTS1 N/A
Mauritius Barrister/Advocate QLTS2 Yes
Mexico Lawyer (Cedula Profesional) QLTS2 Yes
Namibia Legal practitioner QLTS2 Yes
Nepal Adhivakta QLTS2 Yes
Netherlands Advocaat
Notaris/Kandidaat Notaris
New Zealand Barrister/Solicitor QLTS2 Option 3
Nigeria Solicitor/Advocate QLTS2 Option 3
Northern Ireland Solicitor/Barrister QLTS1 Option 3
Norway Advokat QLTS1 N/A
Oman Lawyer QLTS2 Yes
Pakistan Advocate Simplicitor/
Advocate of the High Courts/
Advocate of Supreme Court
Panama Abogado QLTS2 Yes
Peoples Republic of China Lawyer QLTS2 Yes
Philippines Attorney/Counsellor at Law QLTS2 Option 3
Poland Adwokat Radca Prawny QLTS1 N/A
Portugal Advogado QLTS1 N/A
Puerto Rico Lawyer QLTS2 Yes
Romania Advocat/Consilier Juridic QLTS1 N/A
Russian Federation aдвокат (Advocate) QLTS2 Yes
Rwanda Advocate QLTS2 Yes
Scotland Solicitor/Advocate QLTS1 Option 3
Singapore Advocate/Solicitor QLTS2 Yes
Slovakia Advokát/Komerčný právnik QLTS1 N/A
Slovenia Odvetnik QLTS1 N/A
South Africa Attorney QLTS2 Yes
Spain Abogado/Advocat/Avogado/
Sri Lanka Attorney at law QLTS2 Yes
Sweden Advokat QLTS1 N/A
Switzerland Avocat/Rechtsanwalt QLTS1 N/A
Thailand Litigator QLTS2 Yes
Turkey Avukat QLTS2 Yes
Uganda Advocate QLTS2 Yes
United States of America
Alabama Attorney QLTS2 Option 3
Arizona Attorney at Law QLTS2 Option 3
Arkansas Attorney at Law QLTS2 Option 3
California Lawyer QLTS2 Option 3
Colorado Attorney/Counsellor-at-law QLTS2 Option 3
Florida Attorney QLTS2 Option 3
Georgia Attorney QLTS2 Option 3
Illinois Attorney QLTS2 Option 3
Louisiana Attorney/Counsellor at Law QLTS2 Option 3
Maryland Attorney QLTS2 Option 3
Michigan Attorney QLTS2 Option 3
Minnesota Atttorney at Law QLTS2 Option 3
Missouri Atttorney/Counsellor at Law QLTS2 Option 3
Montana Licensed Attorney QLTS2 Option 3
Nevada Attorney QLTS2 Option 3
Pennsylvania Attorney/Lawyer QLTS2 Option 3
New York State Attorney/Counsellor-at-Law QLTS2 Option 3
North Carolina Attorney QLTS2 Option 3
Oklahoma Attorney at Law QLTS2 Option 3
Oregon Attorney at Law QLTS2 Option 3
Tennessee Attorney QLTS2 Option 3
Texas Attorney QLTS2 Option 3
Virginia Attorney/Counsellor at Law QLTS2 Option 3
Washington state Attorney at Law QLTS2 Option 3
Wisconsin Attorney Lawyer QLTS2 Option 3
Uzbekistan Advocate QLTS2 Yes
Venezuela Abogado QLTS2 Yes
Zambia Legal Practitioner QLTS2 Option 3
Zimbabwe Legal Practitioner QLTS2 Option 3