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About 3 out of 4 candidates who pass the MCT assessment, study with QLTS School. Data validated by an independent research firm*.

Making the right decision to study with QLTS School, will save your time, money and effort. Get started with the MCT course. Registration takes just a few minutes to complete.

11 professionally written textbooks covering Outcomes A1-A11The textbooks weigh about 2,000 pages, are provided in a hard copy format and delivered by special courier
1,500+ multiple choice practice questionsEach question has five possible answers and a detailed solution, covering all the areas of practice tested on the MCT
2,500+ digital flash cardsShort questions and answers on each of the topics covered by the syllabus
QLTS Course HandbookThe manual explains the fundamentals of the QLTS assessments, structure of the course programme, suggested study guide and test administration procedures, protocols and policies
Free periodic updates for the course materialsEven if you are not sure when you will be taking the assessment, you can still start your preparation right away and get updates to the course materials on a regular basis
Revision notes summarising the main legal concepts and key areasOver 200 pages which cover the major legal principles
Access to the MCT Video LibraryOver 100 online tutorials with professional presentations, spanning 35 hours of lectures, available to watch on your computer, iPad, iPhone or Android devices
Initial guidance and a tailor-made study planYou will have a consultation with a tutor following which you will receive a tailor-made study plan designed specifically to meet your personal needs and requirements
2 hours of tutor supportOur tutors will answer any questions you may have about the material during your studies. The communication with the tutors will be made by email, Skype or a phone call
Mock tests (with 90 questions each) similar to the formal MCTThese are key to your success - test your progress and simulate a real exam with intermingled questions and a time limit
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Delivery of MCT textbooks is free within the UK, £50 to Europe and the US and £90 to all other destinations.
Join our Linkedin group with over 15,000 members and interact with many other candidates taking the QLTS.

You can also download our MCT course application form and book by mail, fax or email. You can pay by debit or credit card, a cheque or bank transfer.

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Common Questions and Answers


Study packs are despatched by special courier within 2 working days after receiving your application, and delivered between 2-8 working days later. Packages sent to destinations within London or the US are normally delivered quicker.

Delivery times during holidays may take longer.

The MCT textbooks are only available as part of our MCT course packages, and cannot be purchased anywhere else.

Reading through the textbooks will ensure you acquire the necessary knowledge of English law as required by the SRA, while attempting mock tests will help you be understand how to apply the law and be familiar with the exam style and format.

The revision notes, 2,500+ digital flash cards, 1,500+ multiple choice practice questions, 100+ video tutorials, 15 mock tests and course updates are accessible through our MCT Online Training System.

The practice questions and mock tests will help you meet the SRA stringent criteria, and learn how to apply fundamental legal principles to given fact patterns by finding a single best answer of five alternatives.

Access to the MCT Online Training System is for 12 months from the date of your registration to the course, or until the date on which you have passed the MCT, whichever happens first. You will be provided with a unique username and password to login shortly after completing your application.

Yes. We regularly publish updates for the course materials each time the law changes or the SRA update the MCT syllabus. Updates will become available to download on your online account as soon as they are released. This will ensure your materials are always up-to-date and reflect the current law, as required by Kaplan and the SRA.

No. Our course materials cover everything you need to successfully prepare and pass the MCT assessment with a high score. Our proven track record of many successful candidates demonstrates it.

No. You do not need to obtain a Certificate of Eligibility from the SRA to take the QLTS, nor is there an English language test to take, regardless of your legal background, experience or country of qualification.

Yes. If you complete your course application online, just before the checkout page, you will be presented the option to convert the course fees from GBP to other currencies. At this present time we accept payments in these currencies: USD, EURO, ARS, AUD, BRL, CAD, CNY, HKD, INR, JPY, NZD, RUB, SGD, TRY and ZAR.

ICF International (NASDAQ:ICFI), an independent research firm which has conducted an assessment of the QLTS training market for the SRA, performed a comprehensive research study on our behalf that covered three consecutive sittings of the MCT in 2013 and 2014. The results show that the pass rate of QLTS School’s candidates is more than twice compared to others. Full analysis is available on this website.

In order to maintain the integrity of the assessments Kaplan is not permitted by the SRA to provide preparation courses for the assessments. The syllabus, however, is very comprehensive and is based on the same standards expected of lawyers who qualify through the domestic route in England and Wales.

Gambling with your future career is never a good idea, but it’s what you will be doing if you don’t take your QLTS preparation seriously. Legal training is no place for mistakes and false economy. Not being focused on exactly what the SRA requires you to know, studying irrelevant topics or not studying the ones you should, may result in wasting your time, money and effort.

Based on our experience, many lawyers fail the assessments due to lack of proper preparation, caused by misunderstanding the nature and scope of the QLTS assessments.

Surprisingly, we still sometimes get calls from frustrated lawyers who made unwise decisions the first time around – such as by trying to collate their own study resources online or by relying on disparate materials – and failed their assessment attempt.

Time and again, this is due to lack of time, carelessness, or simply with a view to saving a few hundred pounds by not taking the right preparation course.

Call us any time on + 44 (0) 20 117 6077 or send us an email at info@qlts.co.uk. We will return to you very quickly with a reply to your questions.

Brexit impact – The vote in the UK referendum of 23 June 2016 to leave the EU has no impact on the QLTS syllabus since the vote itself makes no immediate change to the position of the UK within the EU. Whenever the law will change as a result of the vote, QLTS School will provide all its registered candidates with a ‘Brexit Update Package’ at no additional cost which will be available to download online. This will allow you to commence your preparation immediately without interference.

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