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Intra-UK Candidates

QLTS Courses for Intra-UK Lawyers and Irish Solicitors

QLTS School offers tailor-made QLTS training packages for Intra-UK lawyers and Irish solicitors with exemptions from some elements of the QLTS assessments.

Special Exemptions for English Barristers, Scottish and Irish Solicitors

Scottish and Irish solicitors as well as fully-qualified barristers of England and Wales can apply for exemptions from some elements of the MCT:

  • Barristers of England and Wales – need to pass Professional Conduct, Solicitors’ Accounts, Financial Services, Money Laundering, Taxation and Business Law
  • Solicitors of Republic of Ireland – need to pass Property Law only of each of the QLTS assessments (alternatively, Irish solicitors can complete the English Property Law module provided by the Law Society of Ireland, instead of taking the QLTS)
  • Solicitors in Scotland – need to pass the English Legal System, European Union Law, Professional Conduct, Solicitors’ Accounts, Contract Law, Criminal Law, Property Law, Equity and Trusts

Intra-UK applicants may also be able to gain further exemptions from some or all of the elements they need to take if they can evidence to the SRA that they have the necessary knowledge/experience in English/Welsh law since they qualified.

Intra-UK applicants with exemptions are entitled to a discount in their MCT course fees, as described below:

  • English barristers – £490 (textbooks, practice questions and revision notes)
  • Irish solicitors – £390 (special package with the Property Law textbook, revision notes and 200 multiple choice questions similar to the formal test)

Note that while the assessment provider will offer special arrangements for intra-UK candidates and Irish solicitors with exemptions, assessment fees (for all parts) will nevertheless apply in full to all candidates. You should also note that in order to get the exemptions, you must first apply to the SRA. There is no fee for this application if no further assessment of qualifications is requested. If you wish to have further exemptions assessed, you should apply to the SRA and in addition pay a fee of £400.

Tailor-Made MCT Course Packages for Scottish Solicitors

The typical MCT assessment consists of 180 multiple choice questions, divided into three-hour periods of morning and afternoon sessions, each with 90 questions. Given the exemptions, the total number of questions in the MCT for Scottish lawyers would be around 100. The assessment provider will offer special arrangements to accommodate the exemptions Scottish solicitors are entitled to.


Our custom-written course content was designed especially for the reduced Outcomes that cover the training requirements for Scottish solicitors. The MCT course features:

  • 6 comprehensive textbooks specifically written for the MCT, covering all six areas of practice required by the SRA
  • QLTS Course Handbook explaining the fundamentals of the QLTS assessments, course structure, suggested study guide and test administration procedures, protocols and policies
  • Revision notes summarising the key points and main legal principles of each subject
  • MCT Question Bank with hundreds of multiple choice questions for practising, each with five possible answers and a detailed solution
  • 15 mock tests with intermingled questions and a time limit, closely mimicking the exam conditions and reflecting the exemptions granted to Scottish solicitors
  • MCT Video Library with professional presentations, available to watch on your computer, iPad, iPhone or Android devices
  • Free periodic updates for the course materials
  • Optional tutor support, initial guidance and a tailor-made study plan prepared by a senior tutor
  • Study wherever and whenever you want – 24/7 – and benefit the ongoing support of our customer service team

The multiple choice questions, mock tests, revision notes and updates for the course materials are accessible through our MCT online training system. Access to the MCT online training system is for 12 months, commencing on the first day of registration, or until you have passed the MCT, whichever happens first.

Watch this video presentation to learn more about our QLTS training for Scottish solicitors.

How Much?

We offer several packages for Scottish solicitors taking the MCT (delivery is free within the UK, £40 to Europe and the US and £90 to other destinations):

6 professionally written textbooks covering Outcomes A1, A3, A5, A7, A8, A9The textbooks weigh about 2,000 pages, are provided in a hard copy format and delivered by special courier
700+ multiple choice practice questions
QLTS Course Handbook
1,500+ digital flash cardsShort questions and answers on each of the topics covered by the syllabus
Free periodic updates for the course materialsEven if you are not sure when you will be taking the assessment, you can still start your preparation right away and get updates to the course materials on a regular basis
Revision notes summarising the main legal concepts and key areas
Initial guidance and a tailor-made study planYou will have a consultation with a tutor following which you will receive a tailor-made study plan designed specifically to meet your personal needs and requirements
2 hours of tutor supportour tutors will answer any questions you may have about the material during your studies. The communication with the tutors will be made by email, Skype or a phone call,
Mock tests similar to the formal MCTThese are key to your success - test your progress and readiness by simulating real exams with intermingled questions and a time limit
 5  15  15

If you do not wish to apply online, you can download the course application form for Scottish solicitors and return it to us either by email, fax or mail.

Payment can be made by a debit/credit card, cheque or wire transfer. Study packages are despatched by courier within 2 working days after receiving your application. Please allow the courier 2-8 working days to deliver your package.

OSCE Courses

The SRA also offers the following exemptions from some elements of the OSCE (subject to an early assessment made by the SRA):

  • Barristers of England and Wales – need to pass the OSCE in the context of Property Law and Business Law (exempt from Litigation)
  • Solicitors of Republic of Ireland – need to pass the OSCE in the context of Property Law only (exempt from Litigation and Business Law) – or they can complete the English Property Law module provided by the Law Society of Ireland
  • Solicitors in Scotland – need to pass the OSCE in the context of Property Law and Litigation (exempt from Business Law)

Learn more about our courses for the OSCE assessment (no discounts are available to intra-UK applicants as they are still tested on the five skills).

If you have any questions about our QLTS preparation courses, please contact us today.

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