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High Pass Rates on the QLTS

Important Note: the pass rates refer to the QLTS assessments and not to the SQE. 

The QLTS School Difference

Candidates who prepare with QLTS School pass at more than double the rate of non-QLTS School candidates. Non-QLTS School candidates can be defined as a cohort of candidates who have followed self-study without taking any structured preparation course or those who may have used support from elsewhere or not used support at all.

Kaplan and the SRA do not publish pass rates of training providers. So how do we prove this claim? By engaging an independent, third-party research firm to analyse the data and validate our pass rates.

We do it to show potential candidates like you that QLTS School excels at helping candidates pass the QLTS assessments.

Results Based on Solid Research Methodology

The firm we hired to conduct the research is ICF International (NASDAQ:ICFI), a reputable and unbiased research firm that has also conducted an assessment of the QLTS training market for the SRA as part of a comprehensive research on the QLTS. ICF International is, therefore, well-familiar with the fundamentals of the QLTS assessments.

In the research that covered three consecutive sittings of the MCT in 2013 and 2014, ICF International used statistical methodology to calculate QLTS School candidates’ pass rates on the MCT assessment. Based on an estimate and comprehensive analysis of QLTS School’s share of the assessment market, the number of takers and the overall pass rate of the assessment as published by Kaplan, the pass rate of non-QLTS School’s candidates was then calculated.

When these figures were compared, the results showed the following:

  • QLTS School’s candidates passed at about double the rate—or more—of non-QLTS
  • double the rateSchool’s candidates
  • About 3 out of 4 candidates who passed the assessment, studied with QLTS School
  • The vast majority of candidates who studied with QLTS School passed on the first attempt

The chart on your right shows that of all exam takers 42% were QLTS School’s candidates who passed the MCT, whereas the portion of those who passed and did not study with QLTS School amounted to only 15% of the total number of exam takers.

The results of the research clearly show that studying with QLTS School not only dramatically increases your prospect of success to pass the MCT assessment on the first attempt, but it also saves your time, money and effort, as you will not have to pay thousands of pounds in the long run in retakes, travelling expenses, delaying the progress of your legal career, and so on.

Taking the right course also has emotional and mental element; you’ll be saving yourself a lot of stress, hassle and lack of confidence, and more easily balance your study with family and work.

Further information about the research is available upon request. The results of the research do not purport to suggest anything in relation to the pass rates of other training providers.

Breakdown of known candidate outcomes over three consecutive MCT sittings in 2013-2014

OSCE Results

QLTS School’s candidates achieve excellent results on the OSCE assessment as well. Many of our past candidates are now dual-qualified English solicitors, working in the world’s top law firms, as evidenced on our Success Stories videos interviews. However, since the structure of the OSCE assessment has been changed by the SRA shortly before the research, it was not possible to provide a comprehensive, reliable and sustainable report on the pass rates of our OSCE candidates that will cover several consecutive sittings. Hence, the focus on this research was on the MCT assessment.

QLTS Preparation

There is a reason that QLTS School’s candidates pass at more than double the pass rate of non-QLTS School’s candidates. It’s because we are committed to giving you quality and up-to-date preparation materials, as well as the support you need to be successful—from beginning to end—until you are eligible to become a dual-qualified English solicitor.

If you have not passed the MCT yet, you should now take the SQE assessments to qualify as a solicitor.

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