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Breaking News: QLTS MCT Soon Available Outside UK

QLTS candidates will soon be able to take the MCT test in their home jurisdiction without the need to travel to the UK.

According to the Law Society Gazette today, current QLTS assessment administrator Kaplan QLTS has teamed up with education provider Pearson to offer computer-based MCT tests at Pearson education centres in several countries worldwide.

There will be a slight increase in the MCT cost to £565, but this will be more than offset by the savings in London travel and accommodation costs for international lawyers.

While details of the countries, locations and the date these changes come into effect have not yet been announced, the Kaplan QLTS site states that the location of the February 2016 MCT will be changing, fuelling speculation that the changes could come into effect in time for the next available MCT in February 2016.

There is no suggestion at this stage that the OSCE Parts I and II will be available anywhere other than central London; candidates will still need to travel to London to attempt the OSCE.

We are finding out more and will bring you full details as soon as we have them.

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