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Why Become an English Solicitor

The Dual-Qualified English Lawyer

As a lawyer, you’re a well-trained, trusted and hard-working part of a prestigious and well-regarded profession, working in a highly competitive environment.

The days of your primary professional qualification being enough to secure your career are gone. The legal market – and indeed the world of business – is changing radically. If you want to carve out your place in the legal world, you need to go beyond the norm.

Lawyers now form part of an increasingly interconnected world, spanning several jurisdictions and different legal systems. This has spawned a multitude of potential clients, and produces an effect – the need for legal services on an international and global level.

Prized for its fairness, protection and impartial application, English law remains the preferred jurisdiction for global business.

The international reputation of the training and qualification process in England and Wales is well regarded. However, the title of English solicitor is more than just an addition to your CV or resumé. As a world leader in the provision of services, the UK legal profession has always played a significant role in influencing the development of legal and regulatory regimes internationally.

Finally, if you are a qualified lawyer in a civil law jurisdiction (such as in one of the EU countries, Russia, Japan, China, South Korea, Brazil, Turkey and others), and you want a competitive advantage over your peers, you would be well advised to study and understand the working of a common law system – specifically English law.

Widen Your Career Opportunities and Enhance Your Professional Profile

An international lawyer who qualifies as an English solicitor experiences a number of key benefits – for their own personal development and for their career.

By completing the QLTS assessments, and fulfilling any other outstanding requirements of the SRA, you will be eligible to apply for admission to the roll of solicitors, and:
  • Widen your career opportunities
  • Enhance your professional profile and reputation
    in your home jurisdiction
  • Advise your clients on matters of English law
  • Be able to work as a solicitor in England and Wales
  • Make yourself more marketable across the globe
  • Win more business and increase your revenues

Pursuing this unique and advanced qualification also shows a high degree of determination and confidence to do it by yourself, qualities that are always welcomed at major law firms.

QLTS School Works Hard to Ensure Your Course Experience is Easy

We appreciate how busy you are – therefore we have designed a flexible preparation course so you can study when convenient for you, whether you are based in the UK or anywhere else in the world.

Our course programme for the QLTS assessments includes professionally written textbooks, video tutorials, web-based training and tutor support.


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