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Important Note: some websites may offer limited-time promotions or publish statements regarding people who achieved high pass rates or passed the QLTS assessments using their material. You are strongly advised to be cautious when coming across such information and request the details of past candidates who used the material offered on these websites before spending your money. Only the QLTS School has a proven track record of candidates who passed the QLTS assessments as evidenced by more than 100 video interviews available on our Success Stories page. 

QLTS School's preparation courses for the MCT give you everything you need to complete the MCT assessment successfully on your first attempt. Our MCT courses combine 11 comprehensive textbooks, an online training system with over 1,000 practice questions, 15 mock tests, a video library with more than 80 tutorials, revision notes, tutor support and a customised study plan. You can study whenever and wherever you want. No other material is required.

We have invaluable insight and extensive experience in preparing lawyers for the MCT. We are currently preparing candidates for the January 2018 assessment, being the 15th round our MCT course runs since the introduction of the QLTS in 2010.

The course materials have recently been updated in accordance with the revised SRA’s Day One Outcome A and changes made in the law, and reflect the examiner’s requirements for the 2018 MCT assessments.

Structure of the MCT

The MCT (Multiple Choice Test) is the first of two assessments you must pass in order to complete the QLTS scheme. The MCT consists of 180 multiple choice questions, divided into two hours and 45 minutes periods of morning and afternoon sessions, each with 90 questions (180 questions in 5 hours and 30 minutes in total). The MCT is a computer-based test delivered worldwide. You must first pass the MCT before attempting the practical assessment, the OSCE.

Why Do You Need to Take a Training Course for the MCT Assessment?

The MCT is not just another standard examination - there is no specific or pre-determined pass mark. The pass mark is determined by a ‘Standard Setting Panel’ convened by the SRA. Based on the individual questions on the paper, the panel decides what score differentiates somebody who can be considered to have just reached the standard of a newly qualified solicitor in England and Wales from somebody who has not reached this standard.

In addition, the syllabus is vast and covers many subject areas of the English law. That means you must meet rigorous and robust criteria in order to pass the MCT, which requires early preparation to develop both your breadth of legal knowledge across the practice areas as well deepen your understanding in each practice area.

You don't want to spend your time on sourcing information and working out what you need to know, as well as ensuring it is up-to-date and accurate. You'll want to save time by hitting the ground running with the key information immediately accessible and easily digestible so you can focus your efforts on preparing for exactly what the SRA requires.

You'll Benefit from Day One when Signing up with QLTS School

QLTS School's MCT preparation course is designed to build a strong foundation in the legal concepts essential for success in the MCT assessment. Our course has been designed and developed specifically for the MCT assessment by experienced tutors, who thoroughly understand the SRA requirements and have collectively produced the best preparation course available today for the MCT.

We have a proven track record of thousands of candidates who had been studying with us and passed the MCT the first time. We know what works and what doesn't, and will ensure you benefit from our extensive knowledge and experience in helping lawyers like you pass the MCT. You will come to the examination centre with confidence and preparation, no stress and unexpected surprises. 

Pass Rates on the MCT

The overall pass rates on the MCT have traditionally been low, ranging from 56% to 59%. QLTS School's candidates, however, constantly achieve excellent results.

A comprehensive and independent research conducted in 2014 by ICF International (NASDAQ:ICFI) examined and validated the results of QLTS School's candidates on the MCT assessments over three consecutive sittings. The research conclusively shows that the pass rate of QLTS School's course takers was about double the rate or more of non-QLTS School candidates (a cohort of candidates who have self-studied or used support from elsewhere).

The findings of the research further show and confirm that about 3 out of 4 candidates who passed the MCT in one of the sittings in scope of the study had prepared with QLTS School, and most of those who passed did it on their first attempt


The conclusion is evident: Taking the QLTS School's MCT course dramatically improves your prospects of succeeding by a statistically significant amount. Our course will give you a significant competitive advantage over candidates who do not study with us.

Course Features

QLTS School's preparation course for the MCT includes the following:

  • 11 comprehensive textbooks in a hard copy format sent to you by special courier (we are the only provider that offers printed textbooks for the MCT) - the books weigh over 2,000 pages in total, and cover all areas of practice required by the SRA in Outcomes A1-A11: The English Legal System & European Union Law, Constitutional Law & Judicial Review, Professional Conduct & Solicitors’  Accounts, Financial Services, Money Laundering & Taxation, Property Law, Contract Law, Torts, Criminal Law, Equity & Trusts, Business Law, and Human Rights
  • MCT Video Library of over 80 online tutorials with professional presentations, spanning 35+ hours of lectures, available to watch on your computer, iPad, iPhone or Android devices (see a preview below) 
  • QLTS Course Handbook explaining the fundamentals of the QLTS assessments, structure of the course programme, suggested study guide and test administration procedures, protocols and policies
  • Revision notes summarising the key points and main legal principles on each subject
  • MCT Question Bank with more than 1,000 multiple choice questions for practising, each with five possible answers and a detailed solution, covering all the areas of practice required by the SRA for the MCT assessment
  • 15 mock tests (90 questions each) that will enable you to test your progress and simulate a real test, with intermingled questions and a time limit similar to the formal test - View a Demo of a 20-question MCT Sample Test (opens in a new window)
  • Free periodic updates for the course materials sent directly to your email. So if you are not sure when you will be taking the MCT, you can still start your preparation right away and get updates to the course materials on a regular basis
  • Two hours of tutor support - our tutors will answer any questions you may have about the material during your studies. The communication with the tutors will be by email, Skype or a phone call, as may be required (MCT Premium Course package only). 
  • Personal and private consultation with a senior MCT tutor to identify your knowledge, experience, time commitment and study needs. You will then receive a personalised initial study plan, tailor-made just for you to get you started quickly and smoothly and guide you in your preparation (MCT Premium Course package only)
  • Networking opportunities with other examinees
  • Study wherever and whenever you want - 24/7 - and benefit the ongoing support of our customer service team.

The multiple choice practice questions, video library, mock tests, revision notes and updates for the course materials are accessible through our MCT Online Training System. You will be provided with a unique username and password to login. The textbooks will be delivered to you in days. 

To help you better understand the features and benefits of our course programme, we invite you to watch a short video with a demo of the MCT preparation course

The MCT Video Library - Watch, Learn, Practise

The MCT Video Library is the most affordable, effective and enjoyable learning tool to prepare for the MCT assessment. It makes your preparation for the MCT much faster and more convenient, with dozens of video tutorials which guide you from day one of your studies all the way through to test day.

The MCT Video Library is based on our proven, straightforward and professionally written textbooks that helped hundreds of lawyers from all around the world to pass the MCT on the first attempt.

Key benefits:

  • Over 80 video lessons with professional presentations, spanning 35 + hours of lectures and providing a broad overview of the entire syllabus (SRA Outcomes A1-A11)
  • Helps you learn and develop a deep understanding of every subject area, allowing you to test confidently and achieve a higher score
  • mct-video-libraryLearn On The Go – you can watch the videos anytime, from anywhere in the world, on your computer, iPad, iPhone or Android devices
  • No need to travel to a study venue or attend expensive classroom lessons
  • The videos are available on our MCT Online Training System, with over 1,000 multiple choice practice questions, 15 mock tests and revision notes – offered in the MCT Advantage and Premium Course packages

To give you an idea of what to expect, check this playlist below which offers a preview of all the videos - first few minutes of each lesson are at no cost: 

MCT Video Library Preview


Application of Knowledge - Not Just Knowledge

To pass the MCT, you need to demonstrate that you are able to apply the knowledge of the core areas to the standard of a newly qualified solicitor. You are required by the SRA to apply fundamental legal principles to realistic fact patterns, not esoteric topics or the ability to cite cases or isolated facts, and find a single best answer of five alternatives.

If you sat a multiple choice test in the past, you most likely appreciate that practising and attempting as many exam questions as possible is the key to your success. You need to familiarise yourself with the format and type of questions the examiner uses in the actual test, as well as the content and the timed conditions under which the test is administered.

While knowledge can be acquired by reading through the MCT textbooks, our MCT Question Bank and MCT mock tests offer you the opportunity to apply your knowledge by attempting thousands of sample questions, ensuring you are fully-prepared for the formal MCT assessment, and mock tests in a similar format under timed conditions, so that you can develop the exam technique required to identify issues quickly in questions and arrive at the correct answer.


QLTS School Past Candidates Agree - Attempting MCT Practice Questions and Mock Tests Key to Your Success

There is a consensus among our former candidates who have successfully passed the QLTS assessments on their first attempt, that the Question Bank and MCT mock tests had been the most beneficial and crucial part in their preparation and the best method of study. Many of our candidates have also mentioned that most of the questions in the formal MCT itself were very similar to the questions they practised in our Question Bank and 15 mock tests!

Our database, comprising nearly 3,000 questions in total, is therefore an invaluable and unique resource that will ensure your success in the MCT assessment.

You can access a demo version of the MCT Online Training System to better understand the scope of the material we offer for the MCT assessment.

We also recommend that you watch some of the video interviews we had with over 100 of our successful candidates on our Success Stories section and learn more about their experiences in preparing for the QLTS assessments. Take their advice very seriously. Our candidates account for about 75% of the people who pass the MCT assessment. Make sure to practise as many MCT questions as possible before you take the actual assessment. 

MCT Book Cover

Which Course Package Should You Choose?

QLTS School offers three course packages for the MCT assessment:

MCT Basic - recommended if you have lower work commitments, need minimal materials to prepare and are therefore able to spend most of your days preparing for the assessment. You will have access to 5 MCT mock tests (with 90 questions each). 

MCT Advantage - recommended if you work full-time and have limited time in which to prepare. This package includes access to the full suite of the 15 MCT mock tests, which give you the chance to gradually build up your knowledge, skills, speed and confidence at answering questions. 

You will also have access to the MCT Video Library, which can shorten your preparation time considerably. While the videos are not intended to fully cover each and every aspect of the SRA Outcomes as comprehensively detailed in the textbooks, they are an ideal complement to the textbooks, providing you with another means of absorbing information and developing a good and solid knowledge of the subjects tested in the MCT assessment.

MCT Premium - whatever your work commitments are, whether you work full-time, part-time or currently unemployed, this package is for you if you wish to have a dedicated and personalised support throughout your studies. You will be asked to complete a questionnaire, following which one of our MCT senior tutors will conduct an over the phone (Skype or GoToMeeting are also an option) consultation with you and prepare a customised study plan that will suit your needs and personal circumstances. Our tutor will also answer any question you may have during your preparation about the materials through the 2-hour tutor support service.

The MCT Premium Course package also includes access to the full 15 MCT mock tests and to the MCT Video Library.


How Much?
There fees for each of the three MCT course packages are as follows (delivery is free within the UK, £40 to Europe and the US and £90 to other destinations):

MCT Basic Course
Our most-popular
MCT Advantage Course
MCT Premium Course
11 professionally written textbooks covering Outcomes A1-A11
Over 1,000 multiple choice practice questions
QLTS Course Handbook
Free periodic updates for the course materials
Revision notes summarising the main legal concepts and key areas
Access to the MCT Video Library
2 hours of tutor support
Initial guidance and a tailor-made study plan
Mock tests (with 90 questions each) similar to the formal MCT  5  15  15

You can also download our course application form and return it to us either scanned by email or via fax + 44 (0) 207 900 2935. Payment can be made by a debit/credit card, cheque or bank transfer. 

Study packages are sent to you by courier within 2 working days after receiving your application. Please allow the courier 2-8 working days to deliver your package. Access to the MCT Online Training System is for 12 months commencing on the first day of your registration to the course, or until the date on which you have passed the MCT, whichever happens first.

Candidates who have signed up for the Basic Package can upgrade their course to get access to the MCT Video Library for £290. Those enrolled for the Basic or Advantage Packages will have the option to purchase 2 hours of tutor support for £200.

EEA Lawyers are individually assessed against the SRA's Day One Outcomes and may be entitled to a discount in their course fees, if granted any exemptions by the SRA. Tailor-made packages are offered for fully-qualified English barristers and Scottish solicitors.   

If you have any questions about our MCT course, please contact us today.

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Success Stories and Video Interviews of QLTS School's Candidates
Learn more about the experiences of some of our candidates who have recently passed the QLTS assessments on their first attempt.
Sarah Lothian
Qualified in Australia
Garrett Gunchick
Qualified in the US (New York State)
Flavie Fuentes
Qualified in France
Dmitry Gololobov
Qualified in Russia
Sharika Nair
Qualified in India
Amelie Baudot
Qualified in the US
Alvino van Schalkwyk
Qualified in South Africa
Xi Chen
Qualified in China
Shehab M. Fawzy
Qualified in Egypt
Inigo Varez
Qualified in Spain
Natalia Camargo Barros
Qualified in Brazil
Hui Ling Teo
Qualified in Singapore
Luca Cantelli
Qualified in the US
Angeliki Varela
Qualified in Greece
Christian Leo
Qualified in Mexico
Rayan Rassin
Qualified in Sudan
Yagız Berk Okan
Qualified in Turkey
Carol Osborone
Qualified in the US
Luis Arana Tagle
Qualified in Argentina and the US
Malak Khalil
Qualified in Egypt
Neil Fowler
Qualified in New Zealand
Ayshat Gaydarova
Qualified in Russia
Edward James
Qualified in South Africa
Kehinde Obafemi
Qualified in Nigeria
Wojciech Baginski
Qualified in the US and Poland (Foreign)
Simona Croitoru
Qualified in Romania
Matthias M. Weiss
Qualified in Germany
Kusum Dhanania
Qualified in India
Stephen Kines
Qualified in the US and in Canada
Lauren Keller
Qualified in the US
Ya Lan Chang
Qualified in Singapore
Jason Hung
Qualified in Hong Kong
Stella Petritsi
Qualified in Greece
Oleg K.
Qualified in Australia
Ekaterina Kitanina
Qualified Lawyer in Russia
Társis Gonçalves
Qualified in Brazil and the US
Raleke Obidike
Qualified in Nigeria
Jason Ow
Qualified in Singapore
Whitney Jacque
Qualified in the US
George Kratsas
Qualified in Greece
Dale Hancocks
Qualified in Canada
Olga Gourjon (nee Demyanets)
Qualified in Ukraine
Richard Furey
Qualified in the US
Tanja Patt
Qualified in Germany
Humphrey Kangha
Qualified in the US
Kirsten Olverman
Qualified in Scotland
Lucilla Giuliani
Qualified in Italy and Spain
Alex McGregor
Qualified in Australia
Arpan Gupta
Qualified in India
Lia Machcado
Qualified in Brazil
Alexander Ladeyschikov
Qualified in Russia
Sung-Hwan Choi
Qualified in the US
Naomi King
Qualified in Australia
Nitin Sarin
Qualified in India
Gillian Harkess
Qualified in Scotland
Monde Michelo Marshall
Qualified in Zambia
Akshay Kishore
Qualified in India
Samina Thind
Qualified in Canada
Patrick McGahan
Qualified in Australia
Jacqueline Moody
Qualified in the US
Anna Stier
Qualified in Germany
Thiago Porto Ribeiro
Qualified in Brazil
Adriana Guerra Speight
Qualified in Mexico
Gallien Lefevre
Qualified in France
Anna Pearson
Qualified in Australia
Elitsa Ivanova
Qualified in Bulgaria
Christian Dam Pedersen
Qualified in Denmark
Allana Samara Wilckens
Qualified in Brazil
Faruk Aktay
Qualified in Turkey
Olivia Delagrange
Qualified in Spain and Belgium
Ida Marie Oedegaard
Qualified in Norway
Vinod Kumar
Qualified in India
Joana Fragata
Qualified in Portugal
Ahmet Kalafat
Qualified in the Turkey
Samuel Thampapillai
Qualified in Australia
Grace Taylor Richardson
Qualified in Singapore
Irena Livshits
Qualified in Israel
Ashwita Ambast
Qualified in India
John Bradley Dick
Qualified in Scotland
Teodora Ivanova
Qualified in Bulgaria
Qualified in Luxembourg
Jasmine Brown
Qualified in New Zealand
Vibhor Verma
Qualified in India
Rebecca Helm
Qualified in New York
Noam Zamir
Qualified in Israel
Amy Chen
Qualified in Australia
Frederic, Qualified in Australia
Aleksandra Krawcewicz
Qualified in New York
Hoshedar Wadia
Qualified In India
Chul Won Lee
Qualified in South Korea
Jerome Dickinson
Qualified in the US
Areti Roditi
Qualified in Greece
Ben Shoebridge
Qualified in Australia
Qualified in Germany
Michael Weatherley
Qualified in Australia
Kyoungho Kim
Qualified in South Korea
Gila Ponte
Qualified in Israel
Qualified in New Zealand
Adrian Sim
Qualified in Australia
Gaelen Doherty
Qualified in Scotland
Evgeniya Vasilyeva
Qualified in Russia


"I don't think I would have successfully completed the MCT and OSCE assessments, without studying with the QLTS School. I would strongly recommend that anyone who is considering taking the QLTS assessments, study with the QLTS School."

Sarah Lothian, QLTS School's Former Candidate, Qualified in Australia

An Interview with Adriana Guerra Speight - Former Candidate at QLTS School





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